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Library Inventory


Contact Sandy Nygren for Materials at 281-367-7317 or e-mail

Asking About Sex and Growing Up by Joanna Cole, 1988

Breast Cancer Awareness Project/In The Pink (Resource Box)

Busy Little Gardener by Helen Barden, 1990

Careers to Explore for Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts, 1979

Ceremonies In Girl Scouting,1990

Contemporary Issues:

A challenge for Environmental Action/Earth Matters, 1990 (2)

Developing Health & Fitness/Be Your Best!, 1992 (2)

Facing Family Crises/Caring and Coping,1988 (2)

Growing Up Female/Girls Are Great, 1987

Leading Girls to Mathematics, Science and Technology, 1987 (2)

Literacy/Right to Read, 1990

Preventing Child Abuse/Staying Safe 1986

Preventing Youth Suicide/Reaching Out 1987

Promoting Pluralism/Valuing Differences (2)

Substance Abuse/Tune In to Well-Being, Say No to Drugs, 1985 (2)

Create a National Parkby Cahrlotte Jaffe and Barbara Doherty, 1998

The Daisy Handbook

The Flag of the United States of America

Girl Scout Collectorís Guide by Mary Degenhardt and Judith Kirsch, 1987

Girl Scout Program for Brownie and Juniors (2)

Girl Scout Uniforms Through the Years, 1985

Girl Sout Uniforms, Insignia, and Recognitions

The Klutz Book of Knots by John Cassidy, 1985

Lady from Savannah/The Life of Juliette Low by Shultz and Lawrence 1988

Letís Make it Happen! (w/ Leadersí Guide and Supplement)1979

Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting, 1984

Program Centerfolds from Girl Scout Leader

Shape/Spinal Health Awareness Program in Education/Curriculum Guide

Sing-Along SongBook and Cassette Tape for Younger Girl Scouts, 1990

Tent and Trail Songs, 1962

Three Coins In A Fountain....Making Girls Wishes Come True with Lynn Fontaine

Worlds to Explore Handbook for Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts, 1977

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