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Descendants of Abraham Parham Jones


52. Lemuel Elbert Black Sr

Now, L.E. Sr. was paralyzed from what I understand when he was in the military, he was in some very very cold water and had to stay there for hours causing him to lose use of his legs. He had one of those triangles over his bed to help him get up. He would take one hand and grab the triangle and lift his legs up with the other arm and swung himself over to his wheelchair. I was told that he never missed when he swung over. and I was told that L.E. Sr was a very strong man. He never depended on anyone to help him.

Joy Wilkerson

233. Lemuel Elbert Black Jr

I have heard of stories of L.E. Black, Jr. that he was a wild man and a
jokester. I heard of one where he would have no money at all, he would jump on a
train not to be seen again for a long time. He would show back up with thousands
of dollars and a brand new car.
He didn't like salesmen from what I gather. This one salesman kept coming to
his house and L.E. would tell this guy, look, I don't want anything from you and
do not come back. The salesman kept coming over ignoring L.E.'s warnings not to
come back. He came over again and L.E. said I thought I told you many times
before not to come back, I don't want anything from you. The next time this guy
come knocking on the door, L.E. grabbed a shotgun and aimed it to the window
above his front door , BOOM!!!! The guy ran off never to be seen again!
L.E. also liked to gamble (that may be how he got money) he was put in jail
several times for gambling. There was one where he was with his buddies gambling
and a cop come up behind him and put the silver braclets on him. When L.E. got
out of jail he told the officer that he will never gamble again. On L.E.'s way
home he found his buddies gambling underneath the bridge, the very same officer
that arrested him before found him underneath the bridge and took him downtown

Joy Wilkerson