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so i went to this huge fundraiser thing for disadvantaged kids, and the theme was "the best birthday party ever" so they had hot air balloons and great food and ice cream and cake and even carnival rides! this is jared on the slide.

just pictures now *tear*

i'm in college now. i dont feel like im doing enough with my life...i feel like i need to be volunteering or something, changing the world. of course, i am listening to radiohead...and radiohead always makes me feel inadequate. now i will give you pictures of my beautiful trinity university campus and dorm room. soon i will give you pictures of my beautiful jared sleeping : ).

7:25:03 II
these are the things that loosely define my summer

*close up*

i put the picture of dorian gray there because i couldnt find any philip k dick books.

this is the only picture on this computer from prom..maybe ill put more up later, cause i think they're really great. later i will update a picture of things that define my summer so far!

*picture taken by sarah s.*

so i have these "one-a-day" vitamins, and last night...i actually forgot how many i was supposed to take. seriously.


my cacti!

and im sick

i saw something super cool the other day. i was in a parking lot, looking at a crow...or a blackbird...and it was bending its legs looking like it was ready to i was like "what is it waiting for...what does a bird ever have to wait for?" and then the bird jumped up about 3 feet the exact same time a large gust of wind blew...and the wind blew him right into a branch of a nearby tree! no joke! how did the bird predict when the wind would blow?


view from the shower, and jared is so pretty.


my last name is the coolest


trip to arizona:(huge pictures)


Interesting History Fact:
In the 1930's poor farm workers formed a Union called "Southern Tenant Farmers' Union"
Other wise known as: STFU



Let's call a farmers' holiday
A holiday let's hold;
We'll eat our ham and wheat and eggs
And let them eat their gold.

Once I built a railroad, made it run,
Made it race against time.
Once I built a railroad, now it's done
Brother, can you spare a dime?



these are pictures ive taken im calling them my christmas pictures! i like them a lot : )

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