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ITR 1983 Porsche 911sc

Pics of the car ready to race with graphics

Left Front

Left Side

Right Rear


Rece Prep Pictures

Motor on ATV Jack

Trans on Jack

Scissor lift

Elephant Racing Oil Lines

Fixed front left brake line

Cut off ignition lock with dremel

A/C lines removed

Seat mounts 3" steel, later changed to 6" for more adjustment

Seat mounted

Substrap mounts

Window net

Cage 1

Cage 2

First race at MSR Houston 3-31-07

Coming around to start race

Taking green flag

Front straight after a couple laps

Almost too fast for the camera!

In pit lane while stuck cars are extricated

Back to pits after race placed 11th of 20, 1st in class

After 1st race BBQ at Underground Graphics, Subaru gathering

Misc Photos

My Yellow Spec RX7 in turn 3 at TWS 1-11-04, and yes, all the other people are behind me! Sold in 4/06.

More SPEC RX7 Pics

Karoke at my shop Xmas party 2004. That's me with the mic.

GRM photo of me at 2002 SCCA Autox Nationals in Topeka, KS. Finished 12th with 4 dnf's out of 6 runs...