Navigating the Viverette-Fisher Research Center

Ray Viverette
The guy responsible for all this confusion

Welcome to the User-Friendly page. The Viverette-Fisher Research Center is quite extensive. Many people have told me that they have had trouble locating the type of information they seek. This page is designed to help you sort your way through the maze of hyperlinks so that you can find what you wish easily and quickly.

I. Viverette/Vivrett/Vivrette Research.

If you are looking for specific individuals in the Viverette family or ones who have married into the Viverette family, there are several links where you might find this information. I have uploaded files to several genealogical web sites. You can access these at the Research Center. The latest file will be located at the Edenfield site.

If you are looking for research notes or documentation, click on this link: Research . There are many links on this page dealing with specific individuals, deeds, wills, military service, etc.

If you are looking for information on families related to the Viverettes/Vivretts/Vivrettes, there are several links at the Research Center. Just scroll down until you find the family name you are looking for. Click on the link to Miscellaneous Sites for more family connections.

If you like to look at pictures, there are eight photograph albums on this site. The first two have pictures from all over the country. The others are about specific families. Albums 3, 4, , 5 and 6 deal with the children and grandchildren of Andrew Jackson Viverette of Nash County, NC. Album 7 deals with the John Thomas Vivrett family of Texas. Album 8 deals with the Thomas Fisher family of Nash County. More albums will be coming in the future as more family send pictures. You can access all the albums at the Research Center. Just scroll down the page. You can also search this sight for a specific surname or person at this link: Search. Keep in mind that this search is for web pages built by me at Angelfire, the web service provider. It will not search other sites which are linked to this one.

II. Fisher Research

Most of the information on this site concerns the Viverette family. For Fisher information you can scroll down page at the Research Centeror you can go to the new site on the Fishers of Nash County at this link:The Thomas Fisher Family of Nash County

III. General Research

If you dropped by this page to do general family research, I have put some of the best links for family research at the Research Center. Just scroll down to the Search Engine Section. There are five links to the best free search sites on the Internet. There are others, but many of them require paid membership to access their data banks. Even though provides free information, their census, will, deed, and other information requires a paid membership.

Just below this section are links where you can look up address and telephone numbers. You can also look up deceased individuals in the Social Security Death Index. This only covers those who died between 1965 -2000 and whose families applied for the SS death benefit.

Hopefully this page will help you navigate around the Viverette-Fisher Reseach Center. A lot of time and effort have gone into building this web site for family research. There are hundreds of pages and links, and for many, searching has been like working one's way through a labyrinth. If you are still having trouble locating information, please e-mail me at this link:, and I will be do all I can to help you find what you are looking for.