Notes on Thomas Viverette (1750-1791)

Notes for THOMAS Viverette

Records of Estates Edgecombe County, NC by David B. Gammon Abraham Dew...Summons of William Bryan and Henry Daphin to answer Jacob Daniel, admr., July 27, 1764 and Jan 8, 1765. Summons of Nicholas Bynum to answer to Elizabeth Dew, admrx. Apr. 19, 1774. Summons of Nicholas Bynum to answer to Thomas Vivret and wife, admrs. Jan. 17, 1775.

Thomas Vivrett: Judgement (27 Aug 1799) made against goods of Jesse Pittman, decd in the hands of Mourning Pittman, Felix Pittman, Patience Allen, Jesse Pittman, Robert Pittman and Christian Pittman, as the result of a suit in favor of Cornelius Joyner, admr. of Thomas Vivrett.

Edgecombe Co. DB 3-426, dated 24 Jan 1776: Jeremiah Cony and wife Mary (x) Cony of Edgecombe Co., planter, to Thomas Vivret of same for 46 pds Proc. money a tract of 125 acres on the bank of Toisnot Swamp, it being part of a tract granted to said Jeremiah Coney and wife Mary, bearing date 24 Jan 1776. Wit: William Bond Whitehead, Jesse Pitman, Nathaniel Hickman, Junr.

EC DB 3-427, dated 29 Jan 1777: Arthur (x) Dew and wife, Mary, of Edgecombe Co., planter to Thomas Vivret of same, for 155 pds Proc. money a tract of 125 acres on the south bank of Toisnot Swamp adjoining John Dew. Wit: Jesse Pitman, Robert Peele, Junr., Nath. Hickman, Junr. Mary Dew was examined separately concerning her right of dower.

EC DB E-9, dated 11 Nov 1778: George (x) York and wife, Zilpah (x) York of Edgecombe Co. to Thomas Vivaritt of Nash Co, for 400 pds. Proc. money a 140 acre plantation on the bank of Town Creek. Wit: Benja. Brand, Jno. Page, Richard Winstead. {Note: sold 21 Feb 1782 to Gale Bryant}

EC DB E-16, dated 29 Feb 1780: Britain Boozman of Edgecombe Co, to Thomas Vivrett of Nash County, for 150 pds a tract of 200 acres on the north side of Brands Branch adjoining William Robbins. Wit: Jos. Killebrew, Naths Hickman, Junr. (Note: Thomas sold this land on 20 Aug 1783 to Hardy Cross)

EC DB E-204, dated 28 Oct 1782: State of N. C. grant No. 237 to Thomas Viveritt by Gov. Alex. Martin, a tract of 400 acres lying on the north side of Town Creek beginning at Caleb Killebrews line and joing his own line and the line of James Watley, Joseph Jordan, William Brand, Benjamin Edwards, John Edwards and Nathaniel Hickman, Senr.

EC DB E-205, dated 1782: State of N. C. grant No. 278 to Thomas Viveritt by Gov. Alex. Martin, a tract of 300 acres on the south bank of Town Creek adjoining John Edwards, Caleb Killebrews old line, and said Viverett. (Note: sold 74 acres of this land to Dempsy Dawson 4-19-1787)

EC DB E-206, dated 28 Oct 1782: State of N. C. grant No. 206 to Thomas Viveritt by Gov. Alex. Martin, a tract of 640 acres lying on both sides of the Dark Pocosin and on the county line (it being the road) adjoining Richard Winstead, Nathaniel Hickman, Senr. and Abraham Dews old line.

EC DB E-206, dated 28 October 1782: State of N. C. grant No. 277 to Thomas Viveritt by Gov. Alex. Martin, a tract of 50 acres on the south side of Town Creek beginning at his own line, adjoining Joseph Farmer, John Thomas, Robert Rogers, and his own line.

EC DB E-252, dated 21 Feb 1782: Thomas Viverett of Nash Co., N. C. to Gale Bryant of same, for 70 pds. specie a 140 acre plantation in Edgecombe Co., on the bank of Town Creek. Wit: Jas. Cobb, Jesse Pitman, Nathl Hickman.

Nash County DB B-179, dated 21 Feb 1782: Gale Bryant of Nash County, NC to Thomas Vivrett of same for 20 pounds specie one certain tract or parcel of land and Plantation on Tar River containing 150 acres more or less, begining at a hickory below the Pastor ford and runs North to the back line in the Principle and thence down the said back line to Jordan Sherrods line and then down the same to the River, thence up the various courses of sd River to the first station, it being part of a tract granted to Arthur Taylor by the Earl Granvill by grant bearing date 26 October 1753. Gale (G) Bryant. Wit: Jas Cobb, Jesse Pitman, Nathl Hickman. April Term 1783, Wm. Hall CC (Note: This land was willed to his son Micajah Viverette who sold it on 22 March 1802 to John Cockrell)

EC DB E-256, dated 21 Dec 1782: John Artiss, Junr. of Edgecomb Co., planter, to Thomas Vivrett of the said place, for 25 pds. specie a tract of land, acres not stated, on the south side of Toisnot Swamp on the Mill Branch adjoining Arthur Dew and Nathaniel Hickman, Junr., it being part of a tract granted to Jesse Blackwell on 3 Nov 1761. Wit: Jas. Cobb, Stephen Cobb, Nathl Hickman, Junr., Benja Cobb.

EC DB E-419, dated 14 July 1783: Lewis Clark and Herod Clark of Edgecombe Co., planters to Thomas Vivrett of Nash County, for 50 pds. specie a tract of 100 acres lying on the south side of Toisnot Swamp on both sides of the Mill Branch. Wit: William Hickman, Benjamin (B) Edwards.

EC DB 4-130, dated 20 Aug 1783: Thomas Viverett of Nash Co., N. C. to Hardy Cross of Nansemond Co., Virginia, for 25 pds. a tract of 200 acres in Edgecombe Co. lying on the north side of Brands Branch, adjoining William Robins. Wit: Abd. Cross, Willison (x) Dew, Hartwell (x) Williford

EC DB 4-396, dated 31 Jan 1783: Nathaniel Hickman of Edgecombe County to Thomas Vivrett of Nash Co., N. C., for 90 pds. specie a tract of 222 acres in Edgecombe Co. on the north side of the mill swamp adjoining John Artis and said Vivrett. Wit: Jesse Pitman, John Edwards, Herod Clerk.

EC DB 4-542, dated 24 July 1787: Elias Fort, Sheriff of Edgecombe Co., to Thomas Vivaret of Nash Co., at public sale for 22 pds. a tract of 100 acres on the south side of the Mill Branch in Edgecombe Co. adjoining John Dew and Gabriel Parker, sold as the property of George Blackwell at the instance of said Thomas Vivaret. Wit: John Deloach, James Tart. (This land was willed to son Henry. On 17 Sep 1799, the land was sold to Gabriel Phillips by Henry.)

NC DB F-13, dated 19 April 1787: Thomas Vivrett of Nash County, NC to Dempsey Dawson of same for 45 pounds specie a certain tract or parcel of land, begining at a Gum on the side of a small branch where Henry Flowers line and Depmsey Barnes line join, and runing along the said Flowers West 28 pole to a post oak in small pond which tree was one inteded for a corner tree for George Blackwell, and runing thence South 90 pole to a stake a corner and continuing the same course along patent line 335 pole to Joseph Phillips line the center of two pines, then along the said Phillips line 28 pole stake are agreed, then North to Dempsey Barnes corner a line, then continuing the same course along his line to the begining, containing by Estimation 74 acres more of less, it being part of a 300 acre tract granted to the said Thomas Vivrett bearing date 11 Aug 1786 lying between the waters of Harmony Pocoson and Mill Branch, begining at a stake George Blackwells corner on Dempsey Barnes line, thence runing South Blackwells line 106 pole to his other corner a pine in John Morris line, thence Wt. Morris & Joseph Phillips line 208 pole to the center of two pines, thence North 335 poles to a stake, thence West 178 pole to a black oak, thence North 90 pole to a black oak in Henry Flowers line thence East said line 209 pole to this corner a Gum in a small Branch, thence South to Dempsey Barness line 319 pole to his corner a pine, thence East to this other line to the begining. Signed: Thomas Vivrett. Wit: John Pitman, William (x) Murray. November Court 1787, Wm Hall CC

NC DB F-13, dated 27 Sept 1787: Jordan Sherrod, planter, and Jenny Sherrod, his wife, of Nash County, NC to Thomas Vivrett of same for 200 pounds current money all that part of land containing 125 acres more or less, begining at a Sasepres (sic) in the mouth of the Spring Branch, thence runing up the various courses of the Spring Branch and to two Ashes, thence to a Red Oak in said branch, thence through the Spring to a small red oak corner tree, thence West to a red oak in the new Road, thence North along the New Road to a pine, from thence to a White Oak, from thence to a red oak, thence to a Spanish Oak, thence to a pine back line a corner, thence down the back line to said Vivretts other line, thence down said line to Dicasins Branch, thence down said branch to the River, thence down the various courses of the River to the first station, it being part of a tract granted to Edmond Sherrod, one certain tract containing in the whole 335 acres more or less lying on North sid Tar River bearing date 1753. Jordan ( his mark), Jenny (x) Sherrod. Wit: William Dew, Joseph (x) Selah, Henry Vivrett. November Court 1787, Wm Hall CC (Note this land was will to Micajah Viverette his son. Micajah sold the land to John Cockrell on 22 March 1802)

NC DB 7-90, dated 22 Mar 1802: Micajah Viverett and wife, Elizabeth Viverett, sold land given to said Micajah by the will of his father, Thos. Viverett.

Nash County Land Entries 1778-1794 by Dr. A. B. Pruitt: Thomas Vivrett 30 Dec 1779 enters 300 acres in Nash County. Border: George Blackwells entry, the county line, & out 30 Dec 1779 enters 100 acres in Nash County on North side of Tosneot Swamp; borders: Michael Horn, Abraham Dew decd and said swamp.

1790 Nash County Census: Thomas Vivrett
5 males 16 & up including head of house (before 1774)
3 males under 16 (after 1774)
5 females
15 slaves
(total of 8 males and 5 females) Who are all of these? All of these males could not be children of Elizabeth Dew. Thomas & she did not marry until after April 1774.

Abstracts of Early Records of Nash County: Petition of Benjamin Cobb, who had a land entry adjoining Michael Horn, Thomas Viverett, William Dew, and John Dew to run around the lines of John Dew, who refused to let the surveyor run his lines. 6 Jan 1783 Petition for settlement of estate. Thomas Viverett died on 18 October 1791, leaving a will with Jesse Pitman as executor. Said Pitman died intestate in 1793, and administration was granted to William Dew and Cornelius Joyner, who refused to make a final settlement with Micajah Viverett and Lancelot Viverett, two sons of the deceased. No date.

Dew, Abraham inventory inventory by Elizabeth Dew, admrx., in Edgecombe Co. April Term 1774. Sale held 6 June 1776 by Thomas Viverett, admr. husband of Elizabeth Dew Viverett. Account current with Thomas Viverett, admr. 1780.

Nash County Wills: Thomas Viverett 12 Oct 1791 Nov Ct. 1792 very sick of body son Henry Viverett - land on south side of Little Swamp; negro man Jef. man Jack, woman Diner certain livestock, including a horse bought from Jacob Boyet, etc. Son Launcelot Viverett - land on both side of a prong of Town Creek; woman Cuffe, woman Old Bet, woman Anne, woman Sue, etc (Turner Place mentioned) Son Micajah Viverett - my land on north side of Tar River, etc; man Harry woman Little Bet, boy Nat. Son James Viverett - land where I now live; woman Pat and her first child Fillis, boy Mose, etc. Wife Elizabeth Viverett - lend to her where I now live, etc. Mulato child Jude to go to Patsy Dew.
Ex. Lamon Ruffin, Nathan Tart, Jesse Pitman Wit: Thomas Wells, Roland (x) Robbins, Jesse Pitman

Viverett, Thomas inventory by William Dew, admr. 1 Dec 1793, included fourteen negroes. Sales held by Jesse Pitman, exr. 15 Dec 1791, for the benefit of James Viverett, Lancelot Viverett, Henry Viverett, and Micajah Viverett. Account current of the admrx. of Jessd Pitman, decd., with the admr. of Thomas Viverett , 1796

Nash County Court Minutes, August Court 1798: John Bond, John Lemon, Edwd Nicholson, David Pridgen, and Wilson Taylor Esquires, or any three of them are appd to Divide the Estate of Thomas Vivrett, deced, between the Heirs at Law of Said deced.

Nash County Court Minutes, November Court 1800: Micajah & Lancelot vs. Vivettes admrs}Ordered that the course bargain refered to Wm Arrington, David Pridgen & Jonas Williams, or any two of them to audit the acct & Vouchers of the adrms. To take unto consideration the Value & amt of the property given to each Legatee & say in what proportion they shall contribute in the payment of debts & what abatement shall be made from the Sums reported in their favour.

Nash County Court Minutes, February Court 1801, page 147: Ordered that the admdr de bonis non of Thomas Vivrett Sell riding Chair & Harness belonging to the Estate of said deced.

Kinfolks of Edgecombe County by Joseph Watson
EC DB 9-432, dated 2 May 1800: Lancelot Vivrett sold land formerly granted to Thomas Vivrett.

EC DB 11-630, dated 7 Feb 1804: Lancelot Viverett was son of Thomas Viverett. (need to look at copy for description of property)

Notes for ELIZABETH Hickman

The following are Nash County Court Minutes, By: Tim Rackley

Nash County Court Minutes, November Court 1799, page 76: Lemuel Wright is appd overseer of the road from Elizabeth Viveritts to Contentney & the hands that formerly worked on the road work under him.

Nash County Court Minutes, May Court 1807, page 5: On Motion tis ordered by the Court that Citation issue against James Vivrett for Him to appear at the next term to Shew Cause, if any he has, why letters of Admr. Should not be granted to Arthur Dew on the Estate of Elizabeth Vivret, decd.

Nash County Court Minutes, August Court 1807, page 22: Admr is on Motion granted to Arthur Dew on the Estate of Elizabeth Vivrett, deced, who entered into bond of 2,000 pounds with Alexr Sorsby, Esqr Secuy


Helen Sharpe has qualified and corrected some of the information below. This section deals with notes taken by Norma Thacker on the work of Luther Jordan, who did extensive research on the Viverettes of Nash County.
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On or about Dec 2, l763, Elizabeth Hickman, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah Hickman of Edgecombe Co, NC, who had two brothers Nathaniel and William, and a nephew named Snodon Hickmnan, m. Abraham Dew, Sr., (who probably had a son Abraham, by a former marriage).
Children from this union were:
1. Sarah, b 1764, m ?, to Elisha Rogers.
2. Millicent (Milly), b 1766, d before Apr 26, 1786.
3. Capt William, b 1769, m @1787, to Frances (Fanny) Viverette, b@1772
4. Obedience, b 1762 , m @1790, to Roland Robbins.

After the death of Abraham Dew, Sr., Elizabeth, his widow, m @1770 to THOMAS VIVERETTE, b @1750, d 12 Oct 1791, who had two sisters, Patsy (who m. a Dew, and had no children) and Nancy.
Children from this union were:
l. Henry, b @ 1771
2. Lancelot, b @1772, Settled in Wilson Co TN
3. Frances (Fanny), b @1773, m @1787, to (Capt. William Dew, b 1768)
4. Micajah, b @1774/5, (3,5 & 6 children, controvarsial)
5. Patsy, b @1776, m @1790 to (?) Dew, b ? d @1828.
6 Nancy, b @1779, d before 1828, m @1796 to
7. James, b @1783, d 1855-58, m 1803, to Blessing Mann, b 1785, d 1860.
8. Son, b @1785
9. Son, b @1787

The census of 1790 listed the last two sons, but names, dates and order of birth unknown. It also listed 15 slaves.

Oct 19, l782, Thomas Viverette was granted 219 acres of land and by grant number 133 he owned over 6000 acres in Nash County and 3000 acres in Edgecombe County.

Aug 9, 1786, Thomas Viverette of Nash County, North Carolina, was granted 300 acres of land between the waters of Hominy Pocosin and Mill Branch by the State of North Carolina Land Office, Raleigh, NC.

Dec 9, 1789, N.C. States Recards (Clark), Vol 22, Thomas Viverette was appointed tax collector for two districts in Nash County, formed from Edgecombe County in 1777.

In will dated March 10, 1790, Nathaniel Hickman whose wife was named Sarah, of Edgecombe County, N.C. leaves land "To my daughter, Elizabeth Viverette." As Thomas Viverette was the only Viverette head of family in the 1790 census in North Carolina, and since his wife's name was Elizabeth it is almost certain that Thomas Viverette married Elizabeth Hickman Dew.

In 1742 - 1751 Hickman owned a grist mill on Toisnot Swamp, (later in Wilson County), which was obtained from John Lott. Hickman sold to Dew. Abraham Dew got it and Thomas Viverette operated it after marrying Dew's widow. When Lord Cornwallis brought the British Army through North Carolina in May, 1781, he ordered corn ground for it at Viverette's Mill.

At the November term of Court, 1813, James Viverette, (son of Thomas), petitioned to build a water grist mill across Toisnot Swamp, the place called Viverette's Mill. He owned the land on the south side of the swamp and Arthur Dew owned that on the north side. Later, the mill came into the possession of Josua Barnes after being owned by Jesse Barnes. In the early 1900's it was operated by Rebbie Winstead. In recent years the mill and dam has disappeared.

Boddie's "HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES" says Millicent Dew's will, Edgecombe County, Apr 16, l786, leaves land to Thomas Viverette, Patsy Viverette and Nancy Viverette.

In "Wills of Nash County," Thomas Viverette, Oct 12, 1791, Nov Court, 1792, left property to wife Elizabeth, and sons: Henry, land south side Little Swamp; Launcelot, land both sides of a prong of Town Creek; Micajah, land north side of Tar River; James, land whereon I live. Executors: Lemon Ruffin, Nathan Tant, Jessee Pittman. Witnesses: Thomas Wells, Roland Robbins, Jesse Pittman. One mulatto slave was left to Patsy Dew.

Capt. Wm. Dew, son of Abraham Dew, Sr., and wife appeared in the Nash Co census of 1790 with himself, wife and young son, and 8 slaves. In the Edgecombe Co. Census of 1800, he and his wife were aged 16 and 25, and they had two females under ten, and 11 slaves. Children ere named Tempey, who married Haymon Mann, Jackey, who married Jesse Barnes, Jr., and Henry A., who died unmarried and childless.

Wm. Dew made his will Sep 8, 1802 in Edgecombe County, to wife Fanny Dew, daughters Tempy and Jackey, Brother Launcelot Viverette a blue suit, Bro, James Viverette all other clothes, Bro. Micajah Viverette a note of about $30 that he owed.

Patsy Dew, Nash County, N.C. died about 1811, County Court (Nash) divided her estate between Obediance Robbins and Catherine Williams, daughter of Egbert H. Williams and wife Nancy Viverette, and orphans of Jonathan Dew, two-fourths to Viveretta Heirs, and two-fourts to Dew heirs. Accepted by January term of Nash County Court, 1829, and recorded.

In 1790 Census, Halifax District, Nash County, N. C., Thomas Viverette was listed as head of family with 5 males 16 or upwards,

Source: Notes of Norma Thacker from work of Luther Jordan