Family Page of Roy Samuel Viverette and George Astor Viverette

The Family of Roy Samuel Viverette

Roy Samuel Viverettewas born on November 14,1901, and died June 1970. He was the eldest of the children of Sydney Samuel Viverette and Mary Elizabeth King. He was married to Beula Lee Spinks.
The children of Roy Viverette and Beula Spinks are:

.....1. Mary Viverette,b. Feb 27, 1925 d. July 17, 1981
.....2. Sydney Roy Viverette, b. July 5, 1926
.....3. Powell Thomas Viverette, b. March 7, 1929
.....4. Theodore Astor Viverette, b. May 13, 1932
.....5. Lucy Marie Viverette, b. May 9, 1937

Picture courtesy of Michael Viverette

Left to Right: Sidney, Lucy, Theodore, Beulah, Roy, Mary, and Powell

The Family of Mary Elizabeth Viverette

Mary Elizabeth Viverette was married to Robert Gregory (Bob) Lambert. They had three children:

.....1. Allan Gregory Lambert, b. May 19, 1947
.....2. Ronald Thomas Lambert, b. July 19, 1950
.....3. Beulah (B.) Lee Lambert , b. March 26, 1954

The Family of Sydney Roy Viverette

Sydney Roy Viverette was married in 1950 to Nellie Sigrid Magnus, daughter of John Magnus and Lillian Spaughsbury. They have four daughters from this union.

.....1. Joanne Marie Viverette, b.November 3,1950; m(1) Ralph Sayre; m(2)William Alvey
........Children of Joanne Viverette and Ralph Sayre:
........i. Heather Marie Sayre, b. 1979
.......ii. Melissa Sayre, b. 1980
......iii. Rachel Sayre, b. 1981
.....2. Susan Lee Viverette, b. April 16, 1953; m.(1)Ronald Eugene Burner; m(2)Richard Green
........Children of Susan Viverette and Ronald Burner:
........i. Reno Eugene Burner, b. August 1970
.......ii. Thor Burner, b. August 1971
.....3. Diane Lynn Viverette, b. July 29, 1955; m. John Steven Veenstra
........Children of Diane Viverette and John Veenstra:
........i. Matthew Steven Veenstra, b. Aug. 3, 1980; d. Jan. 1981
.......ii. John Theodore Veenstra, b. Oct. 11, 1982
......iii. Daniel Lawrence Veenstra, b. Sept. 13, 1984
.....4. Cindy Lou Viverette. b. October 13, 1957; m. Hugh Packard.
........Children of Cindy Viverette and Hugh Packard:
........i. Jennifer Marie Packard, b. March 1979
.......ii. Katie Packard, b. Aug. 5, 1981.

The Family of Powell Thomas Viverette

Powell Viverette was born March 7, 1929 in Washington, D.C. He married Clara Agnes Pendergrast on November 25, 1951. They have four children:
.....1. Michael Douglas Viverette, b. May 31, 1953
.....2. Theresa Marie Viverette, b. June 27, 1957 d. June 4, 1978, married David Vliet
.....3. Ruth Ann Viverette, b. January 4, 1961
.....4. Jeffrey Paul Viverette, b. August 11, 1966; married Colleen Noonan.

The Family of Theodore Astor Viverette

Theodore Viverette was born May 13, 1932, and was married to Alice Bernadette Vass on June 20, 1953.
They have three daughters:
.....1.Mary Elizabeth Viverette,m. David William Shatrowsky
.....2.Lisa Marie Viverette
.....3. Patricia Ann Viverette, m. Paul Michael Hoover

The Family of George Astor Viverette

George Astor Viverettewas born January 28, 1904, and died November 1985 in Virginia. He was married to Evelyn Shavely.
The child of Astor and Evelyn Viverette is:
.....1.George Astor Viverette, Jr. b. July 6, 1938

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