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Sallie Lorena Fisher (1921-2011) Raymond Reginald Viverette (1914-1979)

This page is designed to help you research the Viverette/Vivrett or Fisher families on the Internet.There are also links to related families and genealogical sites which will give you good information for research. Here are some of the best links I have found for researching the Viverette & Fisher families on line.

The Virgina Viverette-Richard Flores Wedding (See link under Photo Albums below)

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Feb. 3, 2003


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Table of Contents

Links to Researching the Viverette/Vivrett and Fisher Families

The Viverette-Fisher Home Page

The Complete Viverette File
A GEDCOM file of the whole Viverette/Vivrett family as of June 2000.

The Viverette Homepage at Family Origins
Find your Viverette/Vivrett/Vivrette, Hickman, Fuller, Fisher, or Baker ancestors

Thomas Fisher Family Site (under construction)
Brand new site for the descendants of Thomas Fisher of Nash County, NC

Alan Lantman's Site on the Viverettes and Related Families
Good site for Batchelors and Edwards also

Super Site for Viverette/Vivrett at Edenfield Genealogical Society
This is the super site for the Viverette/Vivrett, Fisher, and related families

Ray Viverette's Site on the Descendants of Thomas Viverette
Located at the Family Tree Maker site; click on the numbers beside names to see offspring

Ray Viverette's Site on the Descendants of James Viverette and Blessing Mann
Also located at FTM in outline form

Ray Viverette's Site on Lancelot Vivrett
FTM site; click on numbers

Ray Viverette's Site on Micajah Vivrett
FTM site; click on numbers

Ray Viverette's Site on the Descendants of Thomas Fisher
FTM site; click on numbers

Kim Bynum's Home Page on the Vivretts
Wonderful site on Tennessee Vivretts at FTM in outline form

Pridgen/Viverette Connection
Many Viverettes and Pridgens married over the years

Weaver/Viverette Connection
Obedience Viverette married William Weaver

Winstead/Viverette Connection
There are many Viverette/Winstead connections over the years.

Cynthia's Genealogy...Tennessee Vivretts

Carpenter/Vivrett Connection

Research Notes on Viverettes/Vivrett
Wills, deeds, census information, interesting facts, other documentation

Miscellaneous Sites on the Viverette Family

No need to search the Internet for the Viverette family. It's already been done at this site.

African American Viverettes
Most of these families originate out of Mississippi.

Shannon Joyner's Site on the Fishers
Shannon has researched the Fishers, Edwards, Batchelors, Joyners, Pridgens, and related families

Rosalyn Moody's Site on the Fishers
Rosalyn is a descendant of Richard Thomas Fisher

Batchelor Family
Many connections between Viverettes and Batchelors

The Viverette/Vivrett Internet Message Board

Viverette/Vivrett Message Board at GenForum
Message boards are great places to find leads and fellow researchers

Individual Family Pages
Showcase for specific families, photographs, sites built by Ray Viverette


Photo Albums

Photo Album
Photos from the mid 1800s.

Photo Album 2
More Photos

Photo Album 3
Pictures of the Andrew Jackson Viverette Family of Nash County, NC

Photo Album 4
More of Album 3

Photo Album 5
The Christopher Columbus Viverette Family

Photo Album 6
The Family of Eliza and Andrew Jackson Batchelor

Photo Album 7
The Family of John Thomas Vivrett of Texas

Photo Album 8
The Family of William Randolph Vivrett of Texas

Photo Album 9
The Vivrett Family of Missouri

Fisher Photo Album
The Family of Thomas Fisher of Nash County, NC

Wedding Album
Virginia Viverette's Wedding Album

John and Mary Savannah King
Savannah was the granddaughter of Andrew Jackson Viverette. Her mother was the oldest daughter, William Ann Viverette Hales

Family Photo Album in Microsoft Word
You can load and copy many of the pictures from the albums above quickly.

Genealogy Sites with Search Engines to Find Ancestors

Search 700 Million Names at!

Ulimate Family Tree Search Site

Morman Church Genealogy Search Site

Site with Multiple Search Engines

Another Site with Multiple Search Engines

Gencircles--Great Search Engine

More Search Engines to Locate Family

Social Security Death Index

1880 Census at the Mormon Church site

Search This Site

Nationwide E-Mail Directory

White Pages/E-mail

General Search Engines

An all-around good search engine for finding information.

This one searches other search engines.

Viverette/Vivrett and Fisher Researchers

Here's where you can contact researchers who are actively researching Viverette, Fisher, and related families

E-Mail Addresses of Researchers

Other Related Research Sites

Cyndi's Genealogy Links

Gen Web Site: Halifax County, NC

Gen Web Site: Nash County, NC

Gen Web Site: Wilson County, TN

Sharkey's Genealogical Links

A Site for Beginners in Genealogy

Genealogy on the Internet for Beginners
I put this together for people who need help as I did last year when I started all this

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