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Blessing Mann Viverette was the wife of James Viverette and the daughter-in-law of Thomas Viverette (1750-1791). She is the earliest member of the Viverette family to have been photographed. She and James were married in 1803 and had 10 children. Eight of them remained in NC, while two migrated to Mississippi.

Andrew Jackson Viverette(1815-1894) was the son of James and Blessing Viverette. He was married twice and fathered 16 children. He farmed on the original site of his grandfather, Thomas Viverette.

Blessing Viverette was the youngest daughter of James Viverette and Blessing Mann. She married Alford Winstead in Nash County and migrated to Neshoba County, MS, before 1850. Notice the resemblance between her and her mother above.Click here for larger view

(Picture courtesy of Tom Brannin)

James Monroe Vivrett was the grandson of Micajah Vivrett, the third son of Thomas. He married twice and fathered six children. With him are his second wife Sara and five of his children from eldest to youngest: Eugene, Larry, Stella, Erie, and Theron. This picture was taken around 1887. Click here Larger View
(Photo courtesy of Carol Vivrette Tullis)

Mary Ann Vivrett and Wilson Alexander Smith

(Pencil sketch by couple's daughter, McHenry Smith Haigwood)

Mary Ann Vivrett(1845-1886) was the oldest daughter of Larry Vivrett, who was the youngest child of Micajah Vivrett. She married Wilson Alexander Smith in Wilson County, Tennessee. They had eight children.

(Sketch courtesty of Earl Keyes and Norma Thacker)

Picture submitted by Jeff West

Nathan Dorsey Pridgen and Margaret Viverette Pridgen

Margaret Viverette was the oldest daughter of Tom Viverette and Martha Barnes. She was born around 1844 in Nash County. She married Nathan Dorsey Pridgen sometime after the Civil War. They reared six children in Nash County, NC.

Margaret Viverette Pridgen (1846-1922)

(Pictures courtesy of Helen Sharpe)

Dorsey Pridgen, Jr.

Effie Marie Viverette(1909-) was the grandaughter of Andrew Jackson Viverette. She married Wiley Ervin Turner in 1929 and had six children. Noah Joseph Viverette(1899-1966) was also the grandson of Andrew Jackson Viverette. He married Ada Bell Lee in 1918 and had two children.

(Photos courtesy of Walter Neville)

Elizabeth King Viverette(1879-1958) was the wife of Sidney Samuel Viverette(1880-1949). They had eight sons and two daughters. The family lived on a dairy farm in Halifax County, NC. Sam Viverette's dairy supplied milk to Enfield residents for many years. The youngest son Ralph took over Viverette's Dairy after the death of Sam in 1949. Sam was the grandson of Andrew Jackson Viverette. Sam's father was the oldest son of Andrew. Incidentally, Lizzie's grandmother was Andrew's oldest daughter which made husband and wife second cousins. Larger View

Easter Sunday, April 8, 1928

1. Ruth Viverette(niece of Sam Viverette), 2. Mattie Batts, 3. Thurla Batts, 4. Dorothy Anne Viverette (daughter of Sam Viverette) 5. Annie Batts, 6. Elizabeth Smith, and 7. Willard Erle Batts. The Batts were the great grandchildren of Obedience Viverette Weaver, daughter of James and Blessing Viverette. Dorothy Anne died not long after this picture was taken from complications of pneumonia. She was a school teacher and never married. My father was her little brother, and he once told me that he never grieved for anyone as much as for this loss.

(Photo courtesy of Walter Neville. His mother was Thurla Batts).

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The sons of Sam and Lizzie Viverette:(L to R)Roy Samuel Viverette(1901-1970), George Astor Viverette(1904-1985), Ralph King Viverette(1920-1991),Stanton Swindell Viverette(1912-1994), Raymond Reginald Viverette(1914-1979), pictured with Ray, Jr. 1950.

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Don Viverette with Walter Neville and Stanton Viverette, Jr. (1931-1996) with Walter's brother Thurlon Errol Neville.The Nevilles and Viverettes lived about two miles out of Enfield less than a quarter mile from each other. Stanton, Sr. farmed the old home place of Sam and Lizzie Viverette. One of my earliest memories is that of Don and Junior pushing my brother and me in a swing tied to one of the many pecan trees which lined the drive to their home.

Pictures courtesy of Walter Neville

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