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Christopher Columbus Viverette (1855-1910)

Picture courtesy of Don Viverette
Lum Viverette was the eldest son of Andrew Jackson Viverette. According to Luther Jordan's book on the Viverettes, Lum left North Carolina after he married Sarah Jane Batchelor and spent a short time in Abbeyville, Mississippi, before he returned to North Carolina. He settled in Halifax County and raised five sons on a farm not far from present day Glenview.

Pictures courtesy of Lee Spurlin of Wilson, NC

Some of Lum's brothers and sisters

Picture 1: (l to r) Eliza Viverette Batchelor, Dovie V. Batts, Blessing V. Green, and (seated) William Ann Viverette Hales. Picture 2:(l to r) Amanda Viverette Winstead, Dovie V. Batts, Fannie V. Jordan, Birce (Doc) Viverette.
Christopher, Eliza, William Ann, and Blessing were the children of Andrew Jackson Viverette and his first wife Mary Ann Edwards. Amanda, Dovie, Fannie, and Birce were the children from his second marriage to Rhoda Wright Batchelor. Luther Jordan's mother was Fannie.

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Picture courtesy of Lee Spurlin

Rhoda Wright Batchelor Viverette

Rhoda was the second wife of Andrew Jackson Viverette. He had seven children with his first wife and nine more with Rhoda. Most of the children became farmers or wives of farmers. By the standards of the times, Andrew Jackson Viverette was a wealthy man.

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Picture courtesy of Lee Spurlin

Dovie Viverette(1872-1962) was the 11th child of Andrew Jackson Viverette. Here she if pictured with her husband William Edwin Batts and daughter Lena. The couple were married Aug. 16, 1889. This picture was taken in the 1890s.

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Picture courtesy of Don Viverette

Four of Christopher Viverette's sons: (l to r) Guy, Joseph, Sam, and Jack. Not pictured is Jake of Battleboro.Click here for larger view

Jacob Astor (Jake) Viverette(1886-1966) with wife Daphne was the youngest son of Christopher Columbus Viverette. He was a prominant merchant in Battleboro, North Carolina.

Sidney Samuel Viverette(1880-1949) married Mary Elizabeth King(1879-1958) around 1900. Sam and Lizzie had 7 sons and 2 daughters who lived to adulthood. Pictured with Lizzie are her grandchildren Ray, George, Ruth and baby Sallie Viverette around 1955.

(Left to right)Great-great nephew Ray Viverette and his three children: Thomas, Michelle, and Virginia. Thad was 102 when this picture was taken. Click here for larger view

Thad Hales was the son of William Ann Viverette and Edwin Hales. William Ann was Lum Viverette's oldest sister. Her daughter Mary Savannah Hales married John King, the parents of Lizzie Viverette. Therefore, Thad Hales was the uncle of Lizzie Viverette and the first cousin of Sam Viverette. William Ann lived to 96 years of age. Thad lived to be 104.

Lizzie Viverette, sister Helen King Moore, and daughter May Viverette Perry (1956)

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