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Genealogical Research Notes

Gathering notes from court records, wills, books, and other documents is a painstaking process. However, credible research must be documented. These links will give you a view of the information that is available on the individuals on this page. Many of these notes come from Helen Sharpe of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, who examined the records of the Viverettes in Nash County, North Carolina. The Tennessee notes and some notes on Thomas Viverette were provided by Norma Thacker of Dallas, Texas. The link entitled More Notes on the Vivretts/Viverettes leads to information supplied by Monsignor Owen Campion, a descendant of Micajah who has established his membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. Anyone interested in obtaining membership in the SAR or DAR should examine these documents.

Other contributers include Missie Vivrett Collier of Bryan, Texas; Earl Keyes of California; Carol Tullis also of California; Tom Brannin of Mississippi; Laura Wann and Kim Bynum of Missouri.

Notes on Thomas Viverette

More Notes on Thomas Viverette

William Dew vs. Thomas Viverette

Thomas Viverett's Mill

Notes on Nathaniel Hickman

Notes on James Viverette and Blessing Mann

Notes on Micajah Vivrett

Notes on Lancelot Vivrett

Notes on the Tennessee Vivretts

More Notes on the Vivretts/Viverettes

Missouri Vivrett Research Site

Kentucky Vivrette Research Site> (Still under construction)

Slave Narrative with References to Wilson County Vivretts

Wilson County Chancery Notes on Vivretts

1790 Nash County, NC Census

Will of Thomas Viverett of Nash County and some from Wilson County, TN

Will of Andrew Jackson Viverette of Nash County

North Carolina Marriage Bonds


1921 Letter about the Early Vivretts/Viverettes

Cage Vivrette: The Story of a True Character

Brief Autobiography of Elizabeth Rebecca Vivrett Young

Vivretts/Viverettes Who Served in Times of War

Viverettes Who Registered for the World War I Draft

Newspaper Articles from 1869 TN

Miscellaneous Links All Around the Internet Featuring Viverettes/Vivretts/Vivrettes

Links to Nash County Family Sites

Thomas Viverette's Revolutionary War lookup at the DAR

How to Join the DAR

How to Join the SAR

Social Security Death Indexes

(Note spelling of name)

Mississippi Social Security Death Index for Viverettes

Vivrett Social Security Death Index

Viverette Social Security Death Index (A-H)

Viverette Social Security Death Index (I-O)

Viverette Social Security Death Index (P-Z)

Vivrette Social Security Death Index

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