Notes on James Viverette and Blessing Mann

Notes for JAMES "JIM" Viverette

Will of father, Thomas Viverett, dated 12 Oct 1791 R. Nov Ct. 1792 son James Viverett - land where I now live; woman Pat and her first child Fillis, boy Mose, etc.

Records of Estates of Edgecombe County, NC by David Gammon John W. Bond...File contains bonds of James Vivrett to the admr. William White, Nov., 1811 and March 6, 1812.

William Robbins...petition May 1812 byJames James Vivrett, stating he had been security for the guardian bond posted by Frederick Robbins as gdn of the orphans Lemuel and Thomas Robbins, and now feared their estate was being wasted.

Nash County Court Minutes: By: Tim Rackley February Court 1801, page 145: James Vivrett, orphan of Thomas Vivrett, came into Court & Chose Micajah Vivrett his guardn who entered into bond of 10,000 pounds with Uriah Hatcher, Benja Eley, Cornelius Joiner, & Batson Smith Secuy.

May Court 1803, page 253: Joseph Barnes is appd overseer of the road from Contenteny bridge at Horns ford to Tosniot at James Vivretts

February Court 1805, page 61: James Viverett is appd overseer of the road in the (blank) from Horns bridge to Tosniot at Wm Dews Mill

May Court 1805, page 73: Jas Vivrett is appd overseer of the road in the room of Lemuel Wright.

February Court 1806, page 122: A report of the Dower of Mary Dew, Widow of Duncan Dew, deced, lyhing between the late dwelling of said deced, James Vivrett, and the Dawson plantation on the South Side of Tosniot Swamp...............

May Court 1807, page 5: On Motion, tis ordered by the Court that Citation issue against James Vivrett for Him to appear at the next term to Shew Cause, if any he has, why letters of Admr Should not be granted to Arthur Dew on the Estate of Elizabeth Vivret, deced.

August Court 1812, page 332: Dempsy Harrison, Pilgrim Williams, James Vivret, Jonathan Dew, Saml Williams, Britain Barnes appointed Patrolers in Capt Winsteads district

May Court 1813, page 376: Administration on the Estate of Thomas Vivrett on motion Granted to James B. Crowell who entered into Bond of 500 pounds with James Vivrett Security. (What Thomas is this?)

August Court 1813, page 384: Ordered that an execution issue at the Costs of James Viverett against Elijah Atkinson for thirty seven shillings & four pence, the amount of two witness Tickets paid by Vivrett in the Suit Atkinson vs Viverett whereon the def prevailed.

February Term 1815, page 460: Ordered that James Vivrett be appointed Constable in Capt Winsteads District who entered into Bond of 500 pounds with Jno Crowell & Dempsey Damon Secuty.

August Term 1815, page 491: Ordered of the court that a sale be made by James Vivrett of so much of the lands lying on the south side of Tosniot, Joining the Lands of Jonathan Dew and John L. Lamkin, Esqrs. Belonging to Dempsey Dawson to Satisfy and Execution agt. Said Dawson obtaind accrding to law.

February Term 1816, page 37: Jeremiash Wells Came into Court and Renewd his Bond as Consta who entered into Bond of 500 pounds with Jas Vivrett & Alsey Hopkins Secy.

February Term 1817, page 100: Drew Hunter & Levi S. Underwood is duly Elected Consta in Capt Watkins District for the year 1817 who entered into Bond of 500 pounds each with Daniel Walker & James Vivrett their Secy.

February Term 1817, page 100: Jeremiah Wells is Elected Constable in Capt Coopers District for the year 1817 who entered in Bond of 500 pounds with James Vivrett Secy.

February Term 1817, page 100: James Viverett is Elected Consta in Capt Winsteads District who entered into Bond of 500 pounds with Jeremiah Wells, Secy.

May Term 1817, page 122: Patrolers in Capt Winstead District (to wit): Wilson Taylor, Dempsy Harrison, & James Vivrett. Rescinded

February Term 1818, page 154: A Deed of Sale from Lewis Ab Lewis Lamkin to Jas Vivrett ackd.

February Court 1819, page240: James Vivrett is appd Constable in Capt Winsteads District who entered into Bond of $2,000 with Owen Syllavant & Jonathan Dew Secy.

May Court 1819, page 259: Danl Mann vs James Vivrett}Jury Impanelld & sworn to wit: John Matthews, etc.

August Court 1820, page 355: Robins Vs James Vivrett. List jurors.......

August Court 1820, page 360: Patrolers in Capt Clabon Manns District, to wit: Jonathan Dew, Dempsy Barnes....James Vivrett...Drury Joiner......etc.

May Court 1822, page 92: Ordered that the County Trustee pay Jos Vick the sum of one dollar & seventy fourt Cents, the amount of James Vivretts Ticket a Witness for the State agt Daniel Mann and be allowd & c.

August Court 1822, page 107: James Viverett is appd oversser of the road in the room of Saml B. Williams and the usual Hands work under him.

May Term 1825, page 495; Inspectors for the Polls for the Election of members of the general assembly for the year 1825: 8 Capt Vivretts Dist Jesse Battle, esqr, David Winstead & Jas Vivrett.

James continued to serve as a juror and appears in many more court records than listed above.

Nash County Kinfolks by Joseph Watson. NC DB 18-396, dated 21 Nov 1842: James Viverett, Sr. deed of gift to Micajah Viverett.

NC DB 18-271, dated 26 Feb 1845: James Viverett, Sr. deed to Micajah Viverett.

NC DB 18-82, dated 12 June 1847: Micajah Viverett was son of James Viverett, Sr.

NC DB 19-95, dated 1847: Thomas Viverett was son of James Viverett.

NC DB 19-113, dated 9 Jan 1846: James Viverett, Sr. deed of gift to Thomas Viverett.

Estate Records in the Deed Books of Nash County by: Joseph Watson

NC DB 14-95, dated 27 Dec 1805: Allotment of dower to the widow of Duncan Dew, deceased, by jury, a tract of 174 2/3 acres on the south side of Toisnot adjoining James Viverett and the Dawson plantation. Reg. Dec 1, 1831.

NC DB 22-182, dated 6 October 1866: Allotment of dower to Blessing Viverett, widow of James Viverett, deceased ...a tract of 84 1/3 acres on the south bank of Tar River and the road. Reg. Nov Term 1866.

Abstracts of Early Records of Nash County by: Joseph Watson

Petition of James Viverett to build a water grist mill across Toisnot Swamp at the place called Viveretts Mill. He owned the land on the south side of the swamp and Arthur Dew owned that on the north side. Nov term 1813

Thomas Viverett - Inventory by William Dew, admr. 1 Dec 1793, included fourteen negroes. Sales held by Jesse Pitman, exr. Dec 15, 1791, for the benefit of James Viverett, Lancelot Viverett, Henry Viverett, and Micajah Viverett. Account current of the admrx. of Jesse Pitman, decd., with the admr. of Thomas Viverett, 1796

On 1850 Nash County Census James is listed as 67, Blessing 65 and a Sallie Lee at 16 (born 1834). Is she a child of theirs?

1860 Nash County Census: James, Sr. 77; Blessing 74; and 3 servants.

1870 Nash County Census: Fannie Ann Viverette 86 listed with Micajah and Olive.


Shown as Fannie Ann on the 1870 Census and living with Micajah. If so she could not have died in 1866. Information found in the state library in Raleigh, dated 30 Sep 1993: Letter from Mrs. Gerard J. Zell to Shula S. Stover, Bunn, NC. Blessing Mann was a full blood Indian - her name was (originally) Cynthia Nation, (she) was raised by Mann. Note: Mann (Emanuel) was in Va - and in the Northern migration is a core name of the Ramapo tribe, Bergen Co. N. J. Tradition/oral history says Tuscarora. In N. C. - Mann/Emanuel appears often among East Coast Indians. See NGS 1993 DeMarce

Sources 1. Nash County Court Records.