The Descendants of William Washington Vivrett

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The earliest recorded Vivrett(also spelled Viverett and Viverette) was Thomas. No one knows with any certainty where he came from. Family lore says he is a French Huguenot who came to America from Ireland. What we do know based on early American records is that Thomas Viverett married the widow, Elizabeth Hickman Dew around 1770. This union produced several sons and daughters. Only three sons lived long enough to carry on the Vivrett name: Lancelot, Micajah, and James. The first two migrated to Wilson County, Tennessee, following the death of their father. James remained in North Carolina. The descendants of James spell their name Viverette, while the offspring of the older brothers spell their names Vivrett and Vivrette.

Lancelot Vivrett(1773-1838) married Mary Polly Hickman and had the following children:

Lancelot Alanson Vivrett
Thomas Vivrett
Henry Vivrett
William D. Vivrett
Micajah Thomas Vivrett

Henry Vivrett(c.1803-c.1853) married (1)Polly Hickman and had two children:

Williamson Vivrett
Lucretia Vivrett

He married (2) to Sarah Jolly and had the following children:
Henry Jacen Vivrett
Elizabeth Vivrett
John Vivrett
Mary Vivrett
William Vivrett
Micajah Vivrett

Henry Jacen Vivrett(1835-)married Susan Johnson on July 4, 1860 and had the following children:

William Washington Vivrett(1861-1931)
Henry Vivrett(1863-?)
Sarah E. Vivrett(1865-?)
Louis Edward Vivrett(1866-1931)
John B. Vivrett(1869-1950)
Andrew J. Vivrett(1871-?)
James T. Vivrett(1873-1951)
Jessie Walter Vivrett(1875-1962)
Fred A. Vivrett(1877-1893)
George Emery Vivrett(1882-1949
Ada Medora Vivrett(1880-1962)
Elizabeth Vivrett(no dates given)

William Washington Vivrett

William Washington Vivrett was born June 19, 1861, in Desoto, Missouri. He died February 23, 1931. He married Mary Catherine Coleman(1861-1923) and had the following children:

Henry Sidney Vivrett(1886-?)
Andrew Jackson Vivrette(1888-1969)
Ella Lenora Vivrett(1890-1960)
Elmer Joseph Vivrett(1891-1980)
Dolly Vivrett(1895-?)

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Ella Lenora Vivrett was the third child of William Vivrett and Catherine Coleman. She was born in Missouri on March 29, 1890, and died July 23, 1960, in St. Louis. She was married to Leslie Leroy Welch.
The children of Leslie and Ella Welch were:

Gladys Dimples Welch, b. Jan. 30, 1915Click here to view family

Katherine Lucille Welch, b. July 31,1917Click here to view family

William Leslie Welch, b. Sept. 3, 1919Click here to view family

Note:Kymberly Ann Sand Bynum is the granddaughter of Katherine. Kim is one of the leading genealogists for the descendants of Micajah and Lancelot Vivrett.

Elmer Joseph Vivrett was the fourth child of William Vivrett and Catherine Coleman. He was born June 28, 1891, in Missouri and died March 30, 1980.

He married Maggie Pierce and had five children:

Elma Lois Vivrett(1926-living)
Vera Catherine Vivrett(1929-living)
Wilfred Jackson "Jack" Vivrett(no dates)
Robert Kenneth Vivrett(1933-1997)
William Hugh Vivrett(1936-living)

Robert Kenneth Vivrett b. March 12 1933 d. May 13, 1997. He married Dorothy Krodinger, b. December 13, 1936. They have two children:

Kathleen Ann Vivrett, b. Feb. 15, 1958
Kenneth Robert Vivrett, b. April 8, 1961

Kathleen Vivrett married Thomas Randall Wann, b. Jan. 1, 1957. They have three children:

Laura Ann Wann, b. Feb. 26, 1981

Gregory Thomas Wann, b. Nov. 16, 1982

Kara Ann Wann, b. July 28, 1986

The information for this page was contributed by Kathy Vivrett Wann.

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