Research Notes from Bobby Brummond

(Great grandson of Henry Sidney Vivrett)


Missouri State Archives:


Register of Still Births:


Jefferson County   Roll Number C 3422     Page  196    number 63


Date of Return: July 26, 1887


Name of Mother:   Susan Vivrette

Name of Father:    Henry Vivrette


Place of Birth:       Big River Twp.

Residence of Mother:     Big River Twp.


Period of Uterio Gestation:    9 Months

Date of Birth:        July 17, 1887


Sex: Male

Color: White


Nativity of Mother: American

Nativity of Father: American


Cause of Dead Birth:  Protracted Labor in


Signature of Medical Attendant: W.H.

Residence of Medical Attendant: DeSoto, MO.

The last child I have born to Henry and Susan was "Elizabeth After 1883" this Stillborn child was in 1887.


Henry Sidney Vivrett:

Born, January 29, 1886, DeSoto Mo.

Died, October 24, 1928, St. Louis Mo.

Buried: DeSoto City Cemetery

Married, April 12, 1914 DeSoto Mo.  (Susan Lenora Collins) Click on link to see her ancestry



Dolly Elizabeth Hinson (nee Vivrett)

Born: May 28, 1895 DeSoto Mo.

Died: October 10, 1963


I also Have both Henry and Dolly being born in Blackwell Mo.



(Copied from e-mail to Ray Viverette and Bill Vivrett)

All right cousins, this is a receipt to Milton Baker Great Grandfather of Susan Lenora Collins it is hard to read but it goes a long way to proving my research to the Mothershead line which goes back to Col. Nathaniel Pope an ambassador from the English Crown to the Colonie's in 1600 Nathaniel Pope' daughter married Col John Washington They are the GGrandparents of George Washinton.

There is no page listed as 60, But 60 is the two paragraphs directly above 61. here is my problem Orson Baker is the father of Irene Elizabeth Baker His father is Milton Baker. I have personnally gone over every Census image 1840,50,60,70,80,90,1900,10,20,30 and these are the only Orson and Milton listed, On page 60 Orson is listed in the Guardianship contract for two children, His father Milton is listed doing the same for two more children on page 61( obviously siblings of the two on pg. 60 ) Now to get to it, Orson was 10 or eleven years old having been born in 1829 or 30 ???????
In a later e-mail... I think I have the problem of Orson Baker's age solved. Milton had a brother Orson; both were born in Kentucky. Milton also had a son named Orson who is the father of Irene. Both Milton and his brother married Mothershead women, and the Mothershead line is VERY well documented.

More on this family






Left, me onboard the Greenville, a riverboat plying the Mississippi. My father was a tugboat pilot for many years.
Upper right, Mabel Elizabeth Vivrett Couch, her daughter AnnaBelle Couch Brummund. I am unsure of the child, but it may be Carl Byron Brummund Jr. her first born son?
Lower left, Bobby B. Brummund (left) David Wayne Summers (My stepbrother) Grandma Mabel gave these to us for Christmas I apparently kept mine until the tires fell off. I would go around the house making putt-putt noises and Grandma nicknamed me ?Putt-Putt.? She hand stitched the nickname onto everything she made me( Blankets,Pillows, Clothes).
I realize these pics for the most part have nothing to do with the Vivretts, but they are such a goldmine for me I simply had to share them with someone.

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