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Welcome to Bill Vivrett's page. A resident of Manchester, Missouri, Mr. Vivrett is a retired high school teacher. His hobbies include genealogy, photography, creative writing, and art. At the links below, you can view some of the creative works in art, prose, and photography, or you can research your Missouri roots.

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Tales from the Heartland Hills

These are real people.
Most are now asleep.
Be gentle with them.

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Creative Writing

Missouri Family Research

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from The Heartland Hills

All my life I have been fascinated with ideas and images. On this site, exchange your ideas with me--your ideas about God, marriage, family, children, work, play, travel, home, freedom, our country, wisdom, memories, common sense, media, spiritual growth, compassion, gardening, history, life, love...
You get the idea. Now share it here. Contact me at

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