The Vivrettes of Kentucky

The Robert Vivrette family of Hickman County, Kentucky


Sometime after 1860, the youngest son of Lancelot and Mary Hickman Vivrett left Tennessee with his family and moved to Saline County, Illinois. This we know from research conducted by Betty Hickman Minnick of California. Her interests in the Hickmans has shed light on the migrations of the Vivretts, who have several times married into the Hickman family. Lancelot "Alanson" Vivrett had been born in Tennessee in 1820. He married Mary Link, daughter of James and Catherine Newman Link, in Wilson County, Tennessee, on January 30, 1844. Below are their children with links to their family information at Rootsweb. This family eventually found its way into western Kentucky where they lived and died around Hickman and Graves Counties.

The Children of Lancelot Alanson and Mary Link Vivrett

Descendant Report of Lancelot Alanson Vivrett

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James (Jim) William Vivrette
Dee Harrison Vivrette
Mary Polly Vivrette
Thomas J. Vivrette
Henry Rufus Vivrette
Robert Vivrette
Julia Vivrette
Cage Vivrette

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Much of the information at the links below was transcribed by students at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, TX. In many cases the information was taken from copies of news clippings which had no dates or source of publication. However, most of these came from local papers in and around Hickman County, Kentucky.
(Many thanks to Bill Vivrett of Manchester, Missouri, who supplied much of the information below)


Obituary of Cage Vivrette

Obituary of Flora Vivrette (Wife of Cage)

Obituary of Dee Harrison Vivrette/b>

Obituary of James (Jim) Vivrette

Obituary of Robert Vivrette(pictured above)

Obituary of Candy Vivrette(son of Jim Vivrette)

More Information

1925 Article on the Kentucky Vivrettes

Letter to William Vivrett from Lancelot Alanson Vivrett's Granddaughter

Story of Cage Vivrette

Pedigree Chart of Cage Vivrette Lee (Grandson of Cage)

1865 Discharge Papers of Jim Vivrette(Jim was one of the few Vivrettes who fought for the North during the Civil War)

Vivrettes in the Kentucky Death Index

Vivrettes Buried in the Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery

Viverettes Buried in the Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery


Thomas Jefferson Vivrette (1904-1992) and wife Leola Barker (1909-1987) (The child on the knee in the picture above)

Robert Vivrette (son of Thomas above>

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