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The following links are to individual family pages that were created and designed by Ray Viverette. Some of these show family lineages while others are more personalized. If you are a member of the Vivrett/Viverette or Fisher family and would like your own family page linked to this site, just e-mail the web builder at the bottom of this page and he will build such a page for you. The purpose of this site is to create a center for the above families to research their past, to share histories, or simply to get to know other members and their families. This site was not created to make money or to sell genealogical information. In keeping with that mission, your personal site will be a way for others to get to know you and your family.

To request your own family page, e-mail Ray Viverette and let him know what you want on your page. If you have pictures included on the page you will need to send those by US Mail to the address below. They will be returned to you after they are scanned and uploaded on the site. If you know how, you can send pictures by e-mail as an attachment, but try to limit the size of the photos if you send them to the e-mail address below. For pictures of more than 100KBs, use the following e-mail address: Ray.

Left: Raymond Viverette with son Ray, 1950;
Right:Ray Viverette with son Matthew, 1992

Individual Pages Created on this Site

The Raymond Viverette Family
Raymond descends through James Viverette's line.

The Levy Jackson Viverette Family
Jack Viverette was Raymond's uncle.

The Jacob Astor Viverette Family
Jacob was also an Raymond's uncle. He was a prominent merchant in Battleboro, NC.

Michelle Viverette's Page
Michelle is Raymond's granddaughter. This is a personal page.

Ruth Viverette Bellamy
Ruth is the oldest child of Raymond and Sallie Viverette.

Roy and George Viverette Families
Roy and Astor were Raymond's brothers.

Virginia Viverette's Wedding Album
Virginia is Raymond's oldest grandchild. This is a personal page.

Family Page of Sallie Viverette Bailey
Sallie is Raymond's youngest child.

The Descendants of William Bell Viverette
William was the grandson of James Viverette. He was the oldest son of James, Jr.

The Family of John Thomas Vivrett of Texas
John was the grandson of Lancelot Vivrett.

The Family of William Washington Vivrett of Missouri
William was also a grandson on Lancelot Vivrett.

The Families of Stanton and Ralph Viverette
Stanton and Ralph were Raymond Viverette's brothers.

The Family of Charles R. Viverette
Charles (Bull) Viverette was Raymond's younger brother.

The Descendants of Edward Lynch Viverette
Edward was the grandson of Tom Viverette, who was the son of James.

The Descendants of Amanda Ophelia Viverette
Ophelia was the daughter of James Viverette, Jr.

The Descendants of James Monroe Vivrett
James was the son of Larry Vivrett, who was the youngest son of Micajah.

The Descendants of Mary Ann Vivrett
Mary Ann was Larry's daughter.

The Descendants of ElizabethVivrett (1812-bef 1860)
Elizabeth was Micajah Vivrett's daughter.

The Descendants of William B. Vivrett of Tennessee
William was the son of Micajah.

The Descendants of Obedience Viverette
Obedience was the daughter of James and Blessing Viverette.

The Prose of Mark Rogers
Mark is a descendant of Amanda Ophelia Viverette of Edgecombe County, North Carolina. This site features his descriptive prose.

The Photography of William Vivrett
Bill is from Manchester, Missouri. His photgraphs are works of art, capturing the essence and beauty of each scene or subject.

The Family of William Randolph Vivrett of Texas
William R. Vivrett, a descendant of Lancelot Vivrett, was a prominent attorney in Weatherford, Texas.

Family Photo Albums
Eight albums of Viverette/Vivrett pictures from all around the country.

Designed by Ray Viverette.

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