(The following excerpts were contributed by Teresa Walker)

Thomas E. Partlow's WILSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, CHANCERY COURT RECORDS 1842-1892, has the following abstracts concerning Vivrettes in which the name of Micajah appears. It is likely that this Micajah is a son or even grandson of the one whose families you are seeking.

These documents are not available for photocopying nor are they on microfilm. The books are in the hands of a private citizen, and Mr. Partlow's abstracts are the only information available. However, those entries involving land transactions would have deeds which would be available for copying. You could try the courthouse at Lebanon, Tennessee, or the Archives also at Lebanon, or the State Archives in Nashville.

William D. Vivrett died many years ago, leaving a widow and two children, to wit, Jackson Vivrett and Mary Carpenter. Shortly after the dower was allotted, the widow died. Henry Truett was appointed guardian of the children. Samuel Carpenter and Mary Carpenter married some two or three years ago. Said parties are petitioning to divide the dower. 12 June 1852 (Chancery Court 1850-1854, Pp. 552-555)

Petition of Elizabeth Link and her children, to wit, John J., William B., Robert R. Link, and Elanson Vivarett and wife Mary F. against Nancy S. Link, a minor. James A. Link departed this life, intestate, on 17 april last, leaving Elizabeth his widow and his children John J., William B., Mary F., Robert R., and Nancy S. Said Link owned a tract of land in the 22nd district bounded by Armstead Lain, Richard Ligon, Elizabeth Hudson and R. S. Wilburn. Permission is being sought to divide the land. 2 July 1856 (Chancery Court 1855-1861, Pp 429-435)

Bill of complaint of P. H. Viverette, W. D. Viverett, M. T. Viverett, Mary Ann Viverett, Abedeas Vivrett, and John L. Viverett against Lanson B. Viverett, minor, and John and Dosha Viverett, children of Joseph[Jasper] D. Viverett deceased. Complainants are the lawful heirs of Micajah Viverett together with their minor brother, Lanson B. Viverett; and John and Dosha, the children of their brother Joseph[Jasper] W. Viverett. Micajah Viverett died intestate in 1867. Petition to sell 24 acres. 20 October 1869. (Chancery Book H, Pp. 428-433)

Bill of complaint of J. D. Viverett, administrator of Thomas Viverett, and Julia A. Viverett, the widow, against Whit Creel and wife Sallie; Crudup Viverett; and Maude Viverett, minors; and Judie Viverett, widow of e. Viverett. Thomas Viverett departed this life intestate in October 1869. He left his widow, Julia A. Viverett; J. D. Viverett, a son; and a daughter who married Whit Creel; and Crudup Viverett who is a minor. He left a son, Elija B., who has died leaving the defendant Judy, his widow, and Maude his only child. 22 May 1871 (Chancery Book K, Pp. 506-513)

Bill of complaint of C. J. L. Baird, P. H. Vivrett, W. D. Vivrett, M. T. Vivrett, M. A. Vivrett, Beda Vivrett, J. T. Vivrett, L. B. Vivrett, and Elizabeth Vivrett of Texas against Theodrick[Theodocia or Dosha] Vivrett of Wilson County; and J. f. Vivrett of Texas. Petitioners are the widow and heirs of Micajah Vivrett who died some years ago. The said Micajah Vivrett owned 166 acres which were sold to P. H. and L. B. Vivrett. They then sold to C. J. L. Baird. 4 September 1875 (Chancery Book 1874-1875, Pp. 369-370)

The following is from my records of my husband's family in Wilson Co., Tennessee: On 21 April 1837, James D. Walker purchased 7 acres of land from Larry Viverett, probably in the bend of the Cumberland River where Walker's other land was located. Recorded in Book S (or 5), Page 111.

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Raymond -
These are all the citations for the name Vivret or Vivrett in the Wilson County, TN Loose Chancery Court Records. I hope you find something of use and they are not the records which you already have.

Best regards,


1851 June 10 - Deposition of James H. DAVIS, Esqr., about 58 years of age; Samuel DAVIS, about 65; and John B. VIVRETT, about 46.

1859 - Promissory notes to John K. HOWARD, C&M signed by: J.M. SMITH, Jas. D. WHITE, Joseph ASTON, L. DIEFROS, J.A. HAYNES, Josephus WALKER, W.H. BAKER, T.G. COOK, Elijah WILLIAMS, John B. VIVRETT, H.T. BASS, Moses WATKINS, R.C. SCOBY, Sam L. CALHOUN, J.Y. BLYTHE, Alex. W. VICK.

5369 - 1859 Apr. 7 - (Bill) Jordon STOKES and TARVER & GOLLADAY and Adam WALL all of Wilson Co., TN Against Armstead WALL now of Wilson Co., TN, Cage VIVRET and his wife Elizabeth and James RICE of Wilson Co., TN, Bird WALL, Joseph WALL, Ben WALL, Eli THROWER and his wife Rebecca, Hamilton CARR and his wife Sally and William WALL and Minerva WALL, all of the state of IL. Orators complain that in July 1854 they as Counsel filed a bill in Chancery at Lebanon against Armstead WALL, Burrell WALL and William WALL both the former citizens of Wilson Co. at that date for said Cage VIVRET and his wife Elizabeth, Bird WALL, Joseph WALL, Ben WALL, Eli THROWER and his wife Rebecca and Hamilton CARR and his wife Sally, Evans WALL and Adam WALL all the complts. in said bill being non residents except VIVRET and his wife and Evans and Adam WALL who lived in this county. The bill was filed for this purpose. Fredrick and William WALL brothers of the defdts. and complts. Adam WALL were owners as tenants in common of a tract of land in this county on the waters of Barton's Creek on which the defdt. RICE now lives containing 110a. Fredrick died many years ago without will and without having been married leaving the WALL children as set out above his only heirs at law. After the death of Fredrick, the said William sold the whole tract of land to Armstead WALL. The bill was filed for the purpose of having said deed set aside and voided as to the undivided half of said land, belonging to Fredrick WALL and making Armstead account for rents and waste. Case came up in April 1856 ... deed to be voided ... belongs to his brothers and sisters.... Burrell and Bird WALL do not live in this state and have no property in it....

5690 - 1840 July - (Petition) Petitioners Micajah VIVRETT and Wright HICKMAN admr. of the estate of William D. VIVRETT, dec'd. ...land bound by heirs of Samuel W. SHERRELL, dec'd., James FOSTER, Nancy VIVRETT widow.... Henry VIVRETT sold to William D. VIVRETT now dec'd. land on Barton's Creek. 98a more or less....

5682 - 1842 Dec. 8 - (O.B) Jacob TILLMAN and Archibald POOL, Allen H. BRIDGES, Johanna WALKER, BUTTER and RAINES merchants Against William P. SEARCY, Reuben SEARCY and Robert DONALDSON of Wilson Co., TN except merchants residents of Davidson Co., TN. William P. SEARCY son of Reuben. Depositions of Alfred MOORE, Thomas T. HALLEY, Samuel CAPBENGER, Perry B. BENSON, John B. SCOBY, Jno. B. VIVRETT, John EATHERLY, Edward MCWHIRTER, James J. RUCKS, John COOK, Sr., Wm. G.M. CAMPBELL, Bachelor GRAVES, Isham F. DAVIS, Shadrach JARMON, Ann ALLOWAY, James ALLOWAY, Cader BASS, Alfred MCCLAIN, Thomas J. MUNFORD.

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Thanks for writing. I have been to some web sites such as Rootsweb.com, which have some court records from Wilson County, TN. I am interested in getting information on any Vivretts from that area; unfortunately, I don't have access to the book you mention in your correspondence. I would appreciate anything you could transcribe and send my way.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness in writing.

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-- Jan MacFarland wrote:
You've probably already checked, but there is mention of several Viverettes in the seven page Loose County Records located on the Wilson county genweb page. I was just reading it yesterday. Micajah is definitely mentioned.


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