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Andrew Jackson Batchelor and Eliza Louisa Viverette Batchelor

(All pictures on this page courtesy of Helen Sharpe of Rocky Mount, NC)

Andrew Jackson Batchelor (1841-1914) and Eliza Viverette (1850-1926) were married Dec. 19, 1865. He was the son of Berryman Batchelor and Charity Vick. He enlisted in the Confederate Army on Jan 28, 1862, Company I, 30th Regiment, NC Troops and was wounded at Chancellorsville, VA, May 3 1863. Eliza was the second child of Andrew Jackson Viverette and Mary Ann Edwards. Andrew Batchelor and Eliza had 15 children.

Meedy Benny (Ben) Batchelor (1866-1941) was the oldest child of Andrew and Eliza. He is pictured here with his wife Callie Proctor and one of his five children, probably Rosa.

Ella Batchelor (1870-1931) was the third child. She married Levy Washington Edwards in 1892. Manual Andrew Batchelor (1873-1954) was the fifth child. He married Tassie Hedgepeth in 1911. Dorsey William (D.W.) Batchelor (1876-1942) was the sixth child. He married Dora Smith in 1911.

Nicodemus Batchelor (1879-1942) was the seventh child of Andrew and Eliza. He married Roxana Williams in 1908. Mary Florence Batchelor (1881-1943) was the eighth child. She was married twice: first to Wesley Neville and then to William Walt Robbins. Clayton Bennett Batchelor (1883-1965) was the ninth child. He married Daisey Dew Lancaster in 1908.

Henrietta Batchelor (1887-1968) was the eleventh child. She married Robert Solomon Armstrong in 1905. Octavius Talmadge (O.T.) Batchelor (1889-1950) was the twelfth child. In 1911 he married Amanda Stallings. The thirteenth child was Ada Belle Batchelor (1892-1977). She married E.K. Williams in 1911 and raised her family in Halifax County near Enfield.

George Farrah Batchelor (1896-1921) was the fourteenth child of Andrew and Eliza Batchelor. He was a young man when he died. Children not pictured on this page are Levy Wright Batchelor (1868-1948), Tansie Batchelor (1872-1954), Lou Bessie Batchelor (1885-1898), and Lawrence Batchelor (1900-died in infancy).


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