The Family of Andrew Jackson Viverette

Andrew Jackson Viverette and second wife Rhoda

Picture courtesy of Helen Sharpe

Andrew Jackson Viverette was the son of James and Blessing Viverette. His first marriage to Mary Ann Edwards, daughter of Levi Edwards, resulted in six children: William Ann, Eliza, Christopher, George, Blessing, Andrew, Jr., and Indiana. Mary died around 1865, and then he married Rhoda Wright Batchelor Edwards, the widow of Lemon Edwards. This union resulted in nine more children: Amanda, Noah, Lucy, Dovie, Fannie, Emma, Virginia, Clara, and Birce. Click here to see some of his children.

Picture courtesy of Flora Mae Gray

Five Generations of Viverettes 1925

Pictured here are five generations of Viverette descendants. Sitting is William Ann Viverette Hales, the oldest daughter of Andrew Jackson Viverette. To her left is Mary Savannah Hales King, her daughter. In the back is granddaughter Mary Elizabeth King Viverette. On the right is Mary Jane (May) Viverette Bass, the great-grand daughter. The baby is Flora Mae Bass, great-great granddaughter.

Picture courtesy of Helen Sharpe

Andrew Jackson Batchelor (1841-1914) and Eliza Viverette (1850-1926)

Eliza Louise Viverette was the second child of Andrew Jackson Viverette and Mary Anne Edwards. She and her husband Andrew Jackson Batchelor had 13 children. There were several marriages between various branches of the Batchelor and Viverette families over the years.

Blessing Jackson Viverette (1860-1944) was the third daughter of Andrew Jackson Viverette and Mary Edwards Viverette. She married William Lonnie Green on August 9, 1877. Here she is pictured with her husband and her eight children circa 1895.

Mary Savannah Hales King (1863-1938) with her mother William Ann Viverette Hales (1845-1941)

John D. King (1859-?), husband of Mary above and Edwin Gray Hales (1840-1910), husband of William Ann above.

John Randle Jordan (1869-1934) and wife Fannie Lillian Viverette (1873-1959) . Fannie was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Viverette and Rhoda Batchelor. Her son Luther Jordan compiled one of the first books on the Viverette family. His efforts were mainly concentrated on the descendants of Andrew Jackson Viverette and the Jordan family.

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