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African American Viverettes

There are a large number of Viverettes in America of African descent. Most seem to originate from the Neshoba and Newton County areas of Mississippi. Following the Civil War, African Americans were finally liberated from the bondage of involuntary servitude. Newly franchised African Americans took on surnames for identification purposes. Most assumed the name of the owner of the farm or plantation from which they came.

Lancelot Viverett of Nash County, North Carolina, came to Mississippi to manage the farm of his Uncle Claiborne Mann around 1845. Mann was a well-to-do property owner who had a large number of slaves on his farm in Neshoba County. Mann died before the end of the Civil War and control of his property was transferred to Viverett. Since Lancelot Viverett was the only adult male in Mississippi with that surname, most African Americans with this surname should be able to trace their lineage to this geographic area.

One excellent source for researching the Viverettes is the elderly of this family. There are still some alive today who remember grandparents born before 1865. Family bibles are also a good source. The links above will offer other suggestion and sites to research your heritage.

This site will continue to grow as more and more send information about family history. I plan to have a link soon to specific African American Viverettes and their descendants. If you wish to be included, e-mail the web designer below to submit information. Good luck with your search.

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