The Viverette-Fisher Family Tree

The Fisher and Viverette families came together in 1943 when Sallie Fisher, daughter of George and Bessie Fisher, married Raymond R. Viverette, son of Sam and Lizzie Viverette. This web site is devoted to the genealogical study of each family.

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The Vivrett/Vivrette/Viverette Family Coat of Arms

The Complete Family File at Rootsweb

Descendants of Thomas Viverette (1750-1791)

Viverette Site at Family Origins

Viverette Site at Family Tree Maker

Alan Lantman's Site on Viverette and Related Families

Individual Viverette/Vivrett Pages

Genealogy Notes from Viverette Researchers

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Fisher Sites

Family Site of Thomas Fisher of Nash County

Shannon Joyner's Site on the Fisher Family

Rosalyn Moody's Site on the Fishers

Sites Featuring Both Families

Viverette-Fisher Research Center

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