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1st Place Best Display

The 33rd Texas ALPCA Swap Meet

May 21, 2000

Lewisville, Texas

That's me on the right accepting the award from fellow ALPCA member and host Andy Anderson

Old Texas License Plates wanted. All Texas license plates wanted from the 1986 Sesquicentennial base and older. All plates from 1970-1986 must be in excellent to mint condition. I looking for any kind of Texas license plates, including non passenger issues. If you have any available, please let me know


License Plate Collecting


Specializing In Texas License Plates

Any Texas Optional Plate Available For Trade


YOM Plates Available



My name is David Babcock and I live in Forney, Tx, a small town just east of Dallas. I first became interested in license plates at the age of 7 in 1976, when so many of the states issued special plates to commemorate the 200th birthday of the United States.

I would look at all the license plates on the cars whenever I would go somewhere, and by the time I was 11, I would keep lists of all the different plates that I saw.

Slowly, I started to collect them. I would get plates anywhere I could. I would get some from friends, co-workers, flea markets, or any other place that I could find them.

By the time I bought my first computer in 1994, I had about 120 different plates from 47 states, and about half of Canada. Once I did my first search on license plates, I was amazed at what I found.

I always thought that I was the only person that had such an interest in license plates, and I was shocked to find so many other people that collected them too. I even discovered that there was a club for license plate collectors called ALPCA. I started to trade my duplicate plates immeadiately to obtain other plates that I did not have.

Since then, my collection has expanded at a very rapid rate. I now have well over 1000 license plates from all 50 states, all of Canada, except for Nunavut, and about 25 foreign countries.

I specialize in Texas Optional plates. I can obtain any Texas Optional plate that you might be interested in, as well as plates from any Texas college. If you would like one of these plates, please contact me.

David Babcock
Forney, Tx 75126
Alpca #8042