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A Freeware Game

Screenshot Terrifying aliens loom over the Earth. An unstoppable menace! What are we to do?
Only you can save us... with your big, strong gun... oh... Screenshot
Screenshot 'Trooper is based on a classic game called Paratrooper. You might remember it as the game where planes dropped little guys and you could shoot the parachutes and they fall and die!!
Updated for the Nineties, just look at the features!!!!
  • Runs in DOS or a Win 95 DOS Box
  • Six levels - can you obliterate the terrifying mothership?
  • All new powerups and enemies - rip through your foes with the devastating megalaser!
  • Support for Sound Blaster family, GUS, Ensoniq Soundscape via the MIKMOD sound library
  • Amazing digital music score by (now commercially published) composer DJKIKE
  • Hilarious instruction manual I wrote myself


> dear david > > you are a complete psycho to have come up with a game like this we > love this so much that we are going to track you down and punch you in > the head. - Rowan > yo david its me rowan again in response yes the music does > work and its bloody kane ass and your intro is freaking sick > a little let down is that your mumma massive boss is bloody hard to kill > once again thanks for your sick game > p.s. thank you for putting my brother in the credits - Rowan

DOWNLOAD NOW (2.5 meg)

Produced By
Blobble - Penultimate Gaming