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Before the destruction of Unicron, Galvatron was able to obtain a supply of 'anti-electrons' from him - particles which could totally reverse a Transformers mannerisms and impair their functions. By releasing the anti-electrons on Cybertron, Galvatron was able to seriously affect a large number of Autobots. However., there was one effect he did not expect - the Dinobot, Grimlock recieved a massive influx of the anti-electrons, directly to his brain, while chewing on an electric cable. The result was that he became super-intelligent. When the Decepticons attacked with the Terrorcons, Grimlock devised a plan to counteract the new Decepticon warriors. Tracking the source of the anti-electrons to Unicron's disembodied head, orbiting Cybertron, Grimlock used pieces of the planet eater's cranium to build five new Autobots - the Technobots! The warriors - Scattershot, Afterburner, Lightspeed, Nosecone and Strafe - battled the Terrorcons, but were beaten back when they merged into their gestalt form of Abominus. Grimlock explained to the terrified Technobots that they had this ability too, and so the Technobots combined into Computron. To give Computron the edge over Abominus's physical power, Grimlock transferred all his super-intelligence into Computron, allowing him to out-think and defeat the Terrorcons.
Each of the Technobots transforms into a futuristic vehicle, and is armed with their own specialised weapons. They can combine their forms into the incredibly intelligent Computron.


Scattershot is the Technobot leader, and leads by actions, rather than by words. Rather than devise a tactical battle plan, he'd much rather charge into a fight wth guns blazing. Anyone who questions his 'tactics' will experience his gruff manner full force - but although he is somewhat crude, he is still a dedicated and honourable warrior. He transforms into a futuristic jet cruiser, equipped with a pulse cannon in his nosecone and wing-, side- and turret-mounted guns. He is also able to assume a battle station mode, which allows him to more precisely utilise this weaponry. In robot mode, he has incredible stamina, and is armed with an acid-pellet gun. He forms Computron's torso.


Afterburner is the black sheep of the Technobots. He is quick to anger, and even quicker to attack, with a strong hatred for authority. He is always over-confident, and rushes into battle, and almost always finds himself sternly disciplined by Scattershot afterwards. He's unco-operative, and has one of the worst tempers of any Autobot. He transforms into a futuristic motorcycle, equipped with incendiary missiles and a plasma pulse cannon, and is capable of driving up walls, thanks to an adhesive secreted by his tyres. In robot mode, he is armed with a sonic blaster pistol, and forms the right arm of Computron.


While admired for his cool-headedness and intellgence, Lightspeed would dearly love to be able to fly, and to explore the galaxy, rather than battle endlessly. However, that's impossibel for now, as he transforms into a futuristic sports car, equipped with twin side-mounted plasma blasters. He acts as a data processor, transporting information from one Autobot base to another. In robot mode, is is armed with a proton rifle, and forms the right leg of Computron.


Nosecone is a cautious warrior, and always takes things slowly. However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't get results - he calmly and methodically completes every task assigned to him to the best of his ability. Nosecone transforms into a drill-tank, equipped with a nearly indestructable frontal drill, and two rocket-propelled missiles. In robot mode, he uses an x-ray laer pistol. He forms Computron's left leg.


Strafe shoots first and asks questions later - but it's not because he's mean or murderous, just very nervous. However, once his guns are down, Strafe is one of the gentlest Autobots around. He transforms into a futuristic jet, with rear rocket boosters which allow him to more than double his normal speed, which in itself is very fast. In robot mode, he is armed with a heat-ray rifle, and has lightning-quick reflexes in all modes. He forms Computron's left arm.


Computron has the processing power of 200 supercomputers. He thinks out every action clearly and concisely, taking into account the input of each of the five Technobots who comprise him, taking his time to come to a decision - or for that matter, any decision. Computron can spend too long thinking, and that is his major failing. He is armed with Scattershot's acid pellet gun.

When the Technobots next battled, it was again against the Terrorcons, who had somehow come under the control of the Quintessons, who had outfitted them with a timing mechanism to control their merging into Abominus. Computron was able to defeat Abominus by activating the timer and separating the Terrorcons.
When the Terrorcons were sent to steal an alloy from the laboratory of Mark Morgan and Gregory Swafford, they met resistance yet again in the form of the Technobots. The two teams merged into their gestalt forms, but this time, Computron took too long thinking up an effective attack, and was blasted by Abominus. The Terrorcons made off with the alloy as the Technobots helped Jessica Morgan, who had been injured in the attack.
The last recorded appearance of the Technobots was in 2007, when they and the other Autobots defended Autobot City against the entire Decepticon army. Lightspeed fell under Mindwipe's control and was badly injured in the battle. The Decepticons went on to steal the Plasma Energy Chamber Key, and open the chamber on Cybertron, only to have their plans defeated by the newly created Autobot Headmasters and Targetmasters. The energy from the chamber was rerouted from Earth's sun (which Galvatron was attempting to make go supernova) to Cybertron, restoring its Golden Age. The Technobots presumably bore witness to this, and were able to live on Cybertron peacefully for the forseeable future. Their status at the time of the Beast Wars is unknown.