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02.08.02 I added a link to my other photo album! New fan of the month! Fixed the "listen" page cuz I realized nothing worked! lol! My concert review and more fun stuff coming soon!

02.01.02 Gosh guys - I am really behind on a lot of stuff I promised I would do! I made a new picture for the splash page which is pretty rad! No new news. I *really* need to add the rest of the pix! It's disturbing me! And I gotta fix some of the .wav files! I have to add one and deal with some pictures *and* I need to update the fan of the month - but I don't have one. :( *sigh* So much to do, so little time! If you have any new concert pics or reviews, I'm going to start putting stuff like that up on here! Please go back to the "splash" page and vote for me on the Digital Doves and the Soul Awards! :) Thanks!

01.24.02 Lots of important news added! Don't forget to vote for me in the online awards - go to the splash page and there are two links! :)

01.18.02 I just added two bits of news - one of them is the worst interview ever...

01.06.02 Today I made a *BRAND NEW* audio samples page! So click on 'listen' in the main menu! I made my very own samples and I'm very proud! :) I also added two bits of news! So check it out!

01.01.02 @ 04:07 pm I added a link to both dc Talk and Toby tour dates in the menu bar. I messed with the main page, and I put the hit counter on the 'splash' page. I put a disclaimer on the menu bar too, that everyone should read! Coming soon, I'm going to make my own samples for the "listen" section! Oh yeah! Go back to the 'splash' ( and click on that banner next to the counter and vote for my site on the digital Dove Awards! Thanks!

12.28.01 @ 05:53 pm CHECK THE FREAKIN' NEWS SECTION!

12.21.01 @ 08:37 pm New fan of the month! FINALLY! And a new section: it!

12.19.01 @ 09:17 pm Woohoo! The site is back up! *joy* That makes me happy...Well! I added some news! I was supposed to have the new fan of the month 2 days ago - but I will tomorrow! *promise* Ima make a new section of pix of Toby and his fans! So if you have any pix of you and Toby send them attached to an e-mail or a link to:! Merry Christmas everyone!

12.09.01 @ 02:19 pm Added a link to an interview under the news section and added 5's gonna take a while for me to get ALL the pix up! Cuz remember, the photo album got all screwy! D'oh well!

12.04.01 @ 01:44 pm Added 2 bits of news!

11.30.01 @ 04:15 pm Added a bit of news...that's it!

11.25.01 @ 04:06 pm - Sorry no updates in a while! There hasn't been a whole lot going on in Toby Land - suprisingly, since his album just came out.

  • I added pictures under my Audio A. experience. Clicky!.
  • I also added a new pix under the '' section. Clicky! So go check that out!