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October 15, 1999
The first time I met Toby, it was after Kevin's solo concert at the Factory. We were standing in line, waiting for Kevin to come to the table to sign autographs, when I spotted Toby across the room. We weren't quite sure it was Toby, so we decided to walk past him and see. We asked our mom's to save our spots in line. It was Toby alright!! Me, and my friends Claire and Anne, walked over towards him. This lady just walked up in front of us, and gave him a hug. Toby had a look on his face that said, "Who is this women??" The lady said, "Remember me?? I'm the old lady from the parking lot!!" Toby said, "You don't look like an old lady." (Aww!! How sweet!!) When the lady stepped aside, it was our turn!! Me and Claire told Anne to ask him for his autograph, b/c she isn't as big of a fan as we are. She was like, "Will you sign our tickets??" and he said, "Sure." I was shakin' so badly! He signed all of our tickets and then shook our hands. That was all he said, but that was okay. He was wearing all black: black bucket hat, black shirt, and black swishy pants.

June 3, 2000
I went to the Nashville, Tennessee Billy Graham Crusade. It was sooooo cool!! We were really far away, but that didn't really bother me. Jars of Clay and Kirk Franklin also sang. dc Talk was last and they sang In The Light, Day By Day, Colored People, Jesus Is Just Alright, Jesus Freak (with Kirk Franklin), and Red Letters (with Jars of Clay). It was really cool even though it was short because it was the first time I had seen them all together!!

February 3, 2001
Me and my brother were babysitting and we took the little girl to Chuck E. Cheese. We were sitting at out table and I was watching the TV of the Chuck E. Cheese rendition of BSB's Larger Than Life. I looked down from the TV and guess who walks by...we duh!! Tobias!! He is carrying Truett too!! He is with some other guy and his kid too. The other guy had on a Flicker Records sweatshirt. Toby and Truett looked sooo cute!! Toby was wearing a navy blue Aeropostale or Abercrombie hat, black hooded sweat shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Truett was wearing a black long sleeved shirt, a bright red puffy vest, and black pants. They went up to the front and Truett and the other little boy watched Chuck E. for a while. Toby went to refill their drinks, and then they left. They weren't there for a very long time. I guess it's cuz Truett wasn't old enough to play any of the games!! I didn't talk to them, but it was still worth it!! :)

February 23, 2001
Oh yeah baby!! I saw Toby 2x in 20 days!! Woohoo!! Okay was my brother's birthday and we went to the Newsboys/Audio A. concert in Nashville. I was thinking *wouldn't it be soooo cool if Toby showed up to sing "God Is Not A Secret"?* Well when they started to play that song, Toby didn't show up and I was like all sad. But!! When it got to the part where Toby raps in the middle, Peter Furler said "Nashville! Welcome, from dc Talk, Toby Mac!!" I almost has a heart attack!! I was screaming my head off and jumping up and down!! Toby was wearing like dark brown aviator sunglasses and a blue button up shirt and matching pants!! And when he left he said "Toby Mac is in da house!!" The concert was awesome!! Steven Curtis Chapman showed up to sing "Chevette" with Audio A. and Mark Stuart jumped off the stage 2x and he was 3 rows in front of me!! :) And I also got to meet the opening act, Superchic[k]!! They are really nice and really cool too!!