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You can go here and look at pictures of all my Toby and dc Talk autographs!

First let me point this out:

The first two times I met Toby, I was at this mall type place, called the Factory!! And those were the only two times that I have ever been there!! Strange huh??

Okie dokie! Here's what ya do! Clickie on the links to read about my different experiences! When you're done with that, read about my family's different experiences at the bottom!

the.minor.experiences [these are some of the shorter experiences]

march.23.2000 [the factory experience #2]

november.18.2000 [the pax special experience]

october.18.2001 [the electric youth experience]

february.04.2002 [the dc talk concert experience]

may.27.2002 [the race4erace experience]

august.15.2002 [the festival con dios experience]