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. : : . * - stuph to know - * . : : .

dave douglas is my 'druggie pal-o.' ;)

i love my point 5! .5 rawks!

i get to see 0.5, aunties and rk on april 21, 2001!

i like sexy boys w/ spoons - who paint their toe nails! ;) *lol*

i'm a closet bsb fan...well not exactly...more like full blown! woo!

i <3 relient k and audio adrenaline! ;-)

eeeeeeee-coli! november 6th baby! comin' at cha like whirlwind...we got MOMENTUM!

bp = cool!

omp! guess what! howie thinks paige is wait...COOL!

did you know cleo is gonna play 'worth the wait' at her wedding? she doesn't tell me that everyday! i promise!

dc talk comes to nashvegas: 2.04.02!

cleo allowed me to marry one of theissen's locks of hair! *joy*

*dear God - please let good charlotte play a concert here on their new tour! *amen*

audio a talked to me on zjam on nov. 17! wooot!

canadians rawk the plizzanet. i really think they could take it over...but nothing can stop the tb's! we RULE the plizzanet! wow!

"china is a big country, inhabited by many chinese." -charles de gaulle...hmm thanks mr. de gaulle - i had no idea!

i saw audio a live on dec. 1! look at my pix: here!