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The following feature the one and only To-oby!

The links under "Listening" lead to the album page on and all you have to do is scroll down and find the name of the song for a sample!!

Here are some more songs featuring Toby that you can download or buy that I did NOT include the links to on this page:

Steven Curtis Chapman "Got To B Tru"

Gotee Brothers ERACE album

Geoff Moore "Threads"

Mark Lowry "Sure Beats Hell"

Zilch "Surfer's Psalm

Michael W. Smith "I Wanna Tell the World"

You can also here Toby leave a message for Theissen of Relient K on an interlude on RK's first album which totally rawks!


John Reuben "God Is Love"
Newsboys "God Is Not A Secret"
Raze "Forgive Me"
Shedaisy "Hark the Harold"
O.C. Supertones "What It Comes To"
Damita "Truth"
"Extreme Days" (title track)
"Somebody's Watching Me" (MP3 from a|e)
"40" w/ Bill Gaither (MP3 from a|e)
"Let's Get This Party Started" (MP3 sample from
"Momentum" (MP3 sample from
"Do You Know?" (MP3 sample from
"J*train" (full song from Forefront)


Philmore "Smile At Me" video
Interview with Toby from Creation Fest '99
"Extreme Days" video from