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Sari's Race 4 Erace Story

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Author's note:
Okay. First of all, I tried to write out this entire story and I tried to place everything in the correct and exact order that it happened. But then I realized, that it would probably be easier on myself and you for me to just sort of list what happened and elaborate on them, because order doesn't really matter. Enjoy!

  • I arrive at the Factory in Franklin at 7:45 am
  • I spot Candice and Tony from afar. Tony is the one to see me. He asks Candice "What is Sarah wearing?" And she sees me and I run up to give her a hug.
  • I meet Tony and Candice's family. They are super nice! They are all like "We've heard so much about you!"
  • They all get their green bracelets signifying that they are "press".
  • The drivers "parade" around the track, and I see Toby, Lonnie, and Chad. Chad's hair is orangish and he is all scruffy. Lonnie is wearing a bandana and he looks goofy. Toby is wearing green cargo pants, a black tank top, a jean jacket, and a Gotee records hat.
  • Tony sets up the camera and they get ready to film.
  • The race is really off schedule!
  • It is so hot outside! Even at like 8 AM, and all of us were all sweaty all day long!
  • Amanda and Truett arrive. Amanda is really cute! She's wearing her hair in pigtails with sunglasses and she has on a white tank with a butterfly on it. Truett was adorable and he was wearing a blue t-shirt.
  • Tony's mom told Candice and Tony to run over and ask her if they could interview her later and she said alright! But she wanted to watch Toby race in the first race.
  • The race starts, we cheer for Lonnie who is driving the dc Talk car. Duncan is driving the Newsboys car which is totally awesome.
  • The drivers pit after 2 laps and they change the tires and switch drivers.
  • Toby is the second driver in the first heat. Yay!
  • After the first heat is over, Candice and Tony go to interview Truett and Amanda for their kids show, KICK's Club.
  • I stay and watch the second heat when Audio Adrenaline's car races. It is super fast!
  • We go to the volunteer table to get me a wrist band because some woman said I needed one. I got a green one which meant I could go anywhere! :)
  • We see Amanda and Truett and are like "I guess they are done with the interview!"
  • We find Tony and Candice and Candice says they got to interview Toby too! Truett didn't really wanna do the interview and Amanda was like "Don't be a brat!"
  • Candice said that Amanda and Toby both have their wedding bands tattooed to their fingers.
  • Toby's hair is still red! Candice said "I bet he's greying!"
  • Also during the interview, I think they said that Toby was holding one of their road pastor's kids in each arm. Aww! What's his name? Guido? And Candice made Toby stutter in the interview! He NEVER stutters!
  • Neither Kmax nor Audio Adrenaline were there. Tyler was at a family reunion, Mark and Bob were on a cruise, Will was camping, and Ben was in Cali. (Bryan informed me of this!)
  • Scott Brickell was there though. I didn't talk to him. I don't think he remembered me.
  • Darrell arrives and he races, but doesn't do too great! In one race, the Newsboys beat him!
  • Candice and I see Toby walking towards the pits and Candice is like "We saw you racing out there! I didn't think you were the racing type!" and he said "I'm not!" LOL.
  • We go to the pits and I make get some video footage of DW talking to the press after the race.
  • Michael arrives. He wasn't there at the beginning.
  • Candice runs smack into Mike and she didn't realize who it was until she was like "Oh sorry! Oh!" LOL!
  • We see a stage, and we hope that Tait is playing because all the members are there! We talk to one of the guys setting it up and he says that Polar Boy is playing.
  • We see the very end of their last song later in the day.
  • Candice and Tony recognize Jennifer from FFH. Candice goes "Is that Jennifer?" and she heard her and Candice goes "Are you in FFH?" and we all exchange names and say hello and they are very nice.
  • We run into Tait and Candice asks Lonnie "Are y'all going to play?" and he said something like "No, we are really busy today! Sorry!" and I was like "You should play!" and he laughed and walked away.
  • Chad and Toby wave at us while they are driving and we are on the bridge.
  • Tony films more of the race.
  • We spot Darrell and Tony's dad does an interview with him. He was really nice, I shook his hand and everything. Tony's dad was très nervous!
  • When they are done, some woman gets really mad and tells them they weren't supposed to do that, but Candice is like "DW's people said we could if we could find him and he wasn't busy." And that shut her up.
  • We go inside and check out the kids zone. Boring!
  • Candice's family is talking with some pastor so we sit down and listen to him. He talks forever!
  • While he's talking, Tait band and friends come inside to eat and I watch Mike and Chad play with some baby. It's so cute!
  • Candice interviews the pastor's kid and a bunch of other kids who want to be interviewed as well!
  • We miss the memorial service which we heard was really good. Oh well!
  • Candice is singing "Altars" while we are walking across the bridge to show me how bad she sounds when she's sick, and Chad walks by and I was like "Candice! Shut up!" and she saw Chad and was like "Oh!" Haha!
  • Chad had a nose ring.
  • Me and Candice weren't really hungry, so we didn't eat lunch, even though it was Sonic!
  • We go back to the RV and Candice gets me my present! They brought Zoe, but I couldn't go inside the RV because she's vicious! ;)
  • Candice gave me some flower stickers, and cute candle! and a video tape of the show! Yay!
  • We take the stuff to my car, and I show Candice my dc Talk pictures and such!
  • On the way back Candice calls Lauren and Kristen to tell them about everything.
  • We see Toby running down the hall, and I yell "Run Toby run!" And Candice goes "Wanna say 'hi' to my friend on the phone?" and he's still running and he goes "Hey!" lol!
  • So we go back outside to the pit area and Candice goes somewhere to talk on the phone and I watch the race from the pits.
  • One of Tait's drivers didn't have a long-sleeve shirt, so Chad took off his to give it to him, and I got to view it! Chad has two really big tattoos on his back.
  • Scott Brickell races. I see his wife and his daughter and his son.
  • Candice and I are walking towards the pit area again and Chad is taking his shirt off again and one of Chad's friend is walking next to us and he goes "Yeah that's what we need. Chad Chapin stripping." and Candice goes "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" LOL!
  • OMP! Like every single time we were behind Chad, he would walk into the port-a-potty! He has worse bladder problems than me! ;)
  • Someone starts calling my name in the pit area. I look around, and it's Bryan! He was with the Audio Adrenaline pit crew! I had no idea he was gonna be there!
  • Candice and Bryan meet. We talk for a few minutes. Chad is the name of the guy that has been racing the Audio A car. We meet him.
  • Peter Furler is there! I automatically think of Laryssa! :) His wife was there too. She kinda freaked me out!
  • Tony tells us that Truett and Amanda went home and they are watching the race from a tree in their backyard. Aww!
  • Nicole C. Mullens was there. We said 'hi' to her. I was scared she would beat Toby up! ;)
  • The entire time, they were playing the Gotee Brother's ERACE CD! I love it! Yeah!
  • Peter Furler raced in the celebrity race, and they black flagged him because he was wearing like racing capris. It was so funny though because after he was black flagged his pit crew told him to keep going. The announcer was like "The Newsboys car has been black flagged for wearing shorts...and having ugly legs." LOL!
  • The annoucer sounded really familiar. I think it might have been George Plaster.
  • Chad, Lonnie, and their friend's bikes were parked out front, and I had taken a picture of the when no one was around. So me and Candice go back and we try and take a picture of us in front of them when no one was watching. We were being so dorky! LOL!
  • We see Amanda and Truett and follow them around until they start talking to Lori. Ack.
  • We watch one of the celebrity races with Lonnie. Gary Chapman and Kix Brooks drive in it, and Darrell does a nice job of pulling up the rear. Tait races in that one...but he like disappears like after the 3rd lap!
  • Aww! Everytime Tony would come over to tell Candice something like "That was Gary Chapman driving that car..." and Candice would be like "Yeah, Sarah just told me." and he was like "Oh..." LOL!
  • Toby's breaks go out or something, and he gets really upset. We thought he was crying! But he finished second.
  • Before one of the races, some guy was walking around going "Who needs gas?" and Toby was in his car ready to race and he was like " Do we need gas? I need some sweet tea over here!" It was funny.
  • Toby asked Mike if he would change the tires and Mike was like "Tires?! What?! I don't know anything about tires!" LOL!
  • Toby drives the Forefront car in the celeb race and Tait drives the dc Talk car. We take some pics while they are getting ready.
  • Tait is like booing Toby when they announce him, and Toby looks around and me and Candice give him the thumbs up, and he gives us the #1 sign with both hands, and we thought he flicked us off! LOL
  • Toby runs some guy off the track and it is so funny, but neither me or Candice can get a picture before they clean it up.
  • After that race we see Toby and he asked us "Who'd I wreck?! Who'd I wreck?!" but we didn't know.
  • I want to talk to Toby really badly, but Candice and Tony go to interview some kids so I go for it by myself. I catch him when he's not talking to anyone.

    Me: *yells* Toby!
    Toby: *looks in my direction*
    Me: Toby! I have been wanting to talk to you all day, but you have been so busy!
    Toby: I'm sorry!
    Me: Aw, it's okay! I just wanted to ask you if you remembered me.
    Toby: *gives the "yes?" look*
    Me: I've met you several times before, and I have a website and you thanked it on your CD.
    Toby: What's your website?
    Me: Ghetto fabulous.
    Toby: *laughs* Yeah! *does the handshake thing where both people make fists and hit them one on top of the other*
    Me: *laughs too*
    Toby: Yeah I've looked at it a couple of times. It's really cool!
    Me: Thanks!
    Toby: What was your name again?
    Me: Sarah *shakes his hand*
    Toby: *turns around and says something to peter furler*
    Toby: *looks at me* Okay! I gotta go race now!
    Me: Okay, good luck!
    Toby: Thanks! *and departs*

  • I know he would have talked more, but they were just so busy all day long!
  • I talk with Bryan and we catch up and such. He forces me to eat a lemon. The Audio A. car was doing so awesome, they were in the championship race.
  • Peter Furler comes over to the AA tent and asks "Does anyone have any watah?" Everyone in the pits was talking like him! Even Michael Tait! LOL!
  • The Newsboys team cracked me up because they were like all decked out in their FOX gear and stuff. They looked so pro! ;)
  • Candice comes to find me, and during one of the elimination races, the Newsboys car gets in a really bad wreck, and it flips, but I didn't see it. It wasn't Peter or Duncan driving, but still. The guy landed on his head, but he was alright! *phew*
  • Mike is standing behind us and he's putting his number in someone's phone and he says it OUTLOUD! Candice couldn't remember what it was though! lol!
  • Candice and I look for Lonnie, and he and Chad drive up on their bikes, so we run over and Candice forces herself to talk to him!

    Candice: Lonnie! Are you like super busy?
    Lonnie: *takes off his helmet and smiles* Not at all!
    Candice: I'm a big tait fan... (Lonnie: Cool!) and I have seen you around all day and I had to force myself to come talk to you...
    Lonnie: *laughs* Aww, don't be silly girl. you can come blab at me ANYtime!
    Candice: Aww! Well, I just knew you were busy. I know you're a nice guy and all.
    Lonnie: What's your name?
    Candice: Candice!
    Lonnie: Hi Candice, I'm Lonnie.
    Candice: Yeah, I know.
    Lonnie: *looks at me* What's your name?
    Me: Sarah! *shakes his hand*
    Lonnie: Hi Sarah! how's it going?
    Candice: Well, I'm from Ohio and we are here filming a children's show. We interviewed Toby and Truett this morning
    Lonnie: You interviewed them this morning? Awesome!
    Toby: *yells from behind us...he looked REALLY mad* LONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lonnie: Oh! I gotta go! Bye guys!

  • Lonnie was really scruffy!
  • We look at the guys' bikes, and Candice talks with dc Talk's guitarist. I forgot his name. He was cool.
  • We go and talk to Bryan again, the AA team is getting ready to race in the finals.
  • We go over to the "grand stands" to watch the final race which is 10 laps. Audio A is the only car we really like in it, so we are really rooting for them!
  • There is a red flag on the last lap, and AA is in 2nd, but they are pretty far behind the leader, and they didn't win. :( Oh well! They did really awesome! Chad was a really rokken driver!
  • When it's over, we walk back over to the pit area to see if we can find Toby or Lonnie to take some pictures, but everyone is gone except the AA crew.
  • Candice gets my Toby video from the RV, Tony takes some pictures and say bye bye! :(
  • I say bye to Bryan...and my day is over! It was so much fun! I have to worst farmer's tan ever and my face is so red and I have like raccoon circles around my eyes. Bryan was making fun of me! But it's all worth it! It was so fun! And I got to meet one of my best friends! Yay!