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Sari's Race 4 Erace Pictures and Videos

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Please allow time for the pictures to load! Click the pictures to enlarge them. Hover over the pictures for a caption.

Here's the Audio A. car taking a pitstop. That's Bryan in the very front and Scott Brickell in the car. Candice and me trying to take our picture in front of Chad and Lonnie's bikes without making it obvious. LOL! Here's Chad racing the dc Talk car. Chad is waving to us from his car while we're on the bridge. He's in the first car. That's Lonnie, Chad, and Tait from the back and Toby is in the car getting ready to race. Chad and Toby are changing the tires during the pit stop. Chad and Toby switching tires again. The car in the back is Darrell Waltrip. Here's Lonnie putting his helmet on getting ready to go race. Lonnie driving the dc Talk car in the very first race. Lonnie's bike is the one with the jacket and helmet hanging on the handle. The other bikes are Chad and Tait's and various other peoples. I thought this was Lonnie, but I think that's the Newsboys car. Tony took this pic of me and Candice at the very end of the day...when we are all sunburned! Here's the pace car from the second race. I thought it was really rad, so I took a pic! Here's Peter Furler (Newsboys) waiting to go out on the track. I took this pic for Laryssa! ;) Here's Polar Boy performing on the stage we wanted Tait to play on! Tait is getting ready to race in the celebrity race. Lonnie looks like he's smiling for my picture. :) That's Chad, Lonnie, and their friend's motorcycles. Tait and Toby are getting ready for the celebrity race. Lonnie's giving Toby a pep talk...maybe. Toby's driving the Forefront car for this race, and Tait is driving the dcT car. Toby's in the car there...Chad and Lonnie moved in my way so I got their butts in the pic also. Toby, Mike and Lonnie getting ready for the celebrity race again. Here's Tony's dad interviewing Darrell! DW was so nice! Here's Tony's dad talking with Darrell Waltrip's wife. DW is right there too!


Just click the link and the video should pop up in another window. All the videos have sound and are about 10 seconds each. Give them a few to load! :)

  • Video 1 - This is a video of the Audio A. car going around the turn closest to the pit area.
  • Video 2 - This is a video of the Audio A. car on the front straight away in the last race.
  • Video 3 - The Audio A. car is the red car.
  • Video 4 - Here's a video of the whole field in the celebrity race. You can hear me say "Look at DW! Pulling up the rear!" Toby is the 3rd white car.
  • Video 5 - Here's a bunch of press people interviewing Darrell after his first race.
  • Video 6 - Toby is the 3rd car (it's white). That's me that says "Go Toby! Woo!" ;)
  • Video 7 - Once again at second glance, I thought this was Lonnie racing, but the car out front is the Newsboys car and the 3rd car (it's red) is the Audio Adrenaline car.
  • Video 8 - The one lonesome car in the video is Lonnie. Yay!
  • Video 9 - That's either Toby or Mike in the Forefront car, which is the second car. I can't remember.
  • Video 10 - That's Toby! Yay! You can hear me say "Go Toby!" again. Haha!
  • Video 11 - Here's a video shot from the bridge. Toby is in the fourth car which is white.
  • Video 12 - Here's my last video. That's Toby in the white car!

    *Please do not take or use any of my pictures or videos. Thanks!*