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. : : . * - quotes and lyrics - * . : : .

"hey tini! i think i've had one too many martimmies!" -drunken krista ;)

"love me mouth to mouth know i can't resist! cuz you're the air that i breath!" -bsb!

"i wanna tell it like it is! somebody shut me up so i can live out loud!" -tobias ('get this party started')

"i'm followin' my heart - not my brain..." -tobias AGAIN ('momentum')

"if i didn't have my spoons, i'd go insane!" -adam of u2

"Ooo, pancakes, yeah..." -tb

"Nashville! That's where I live. It is like a mouth." - i thought this was purdy random. -tb

"wow sarah - that is one big ass cup!" -frank

"i was about to like put you in a program!" -clar

"sex on tv is might fall off." -the all knowing brian

"i trot by the fillies they like me of course. they all dig my band - yeah i'm a rockin' horse." -relient k ('may the horse be with you')

"being eaten by a crocodile is just like going to a giant blender." -homer simpson

"paige - that should be a sin!" -moi

"krista, do you have christmas in canada?" -moi

"but 'poopy' doesn't rhyme with hoopes!" -cleo

"well...anywayz about my solo album..." -paige

"and we'll go outside and he'll be like 'daddy! that's a tree!' and i'm like ''s b-b-b-beautiful.' it's like i'd never seen a tree before!" -toby talking about truett

"i'm polishing my guitar...cuz i gotta look pretty for the show...and uh a lot of people come to see my shiney guitar." -tyler

"when they were coming up with the names for the countries in africa, did they just draw random letters out of a hat?" -blake in 8th grade world cultures

"that's like saying...'i like boys'!" - me (talking to cleo)