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. : : . * - shout outs - * . : : .

p! - what up my chica! you are like my bestest pal! you are 2 cool! i luff you! i 4give you for talking on the phone and neglecting me! ;) jk! *muah*

krista - (aka: mrs. foreman!) you are my favorite canadian ever! you are totally rad girl! i love you dearly - not queerly! :-D

cleo - what up .5! you are my fave 1/2 twin! you rock the pineapple! food tv rawks! you are my favorite person who is like a foot taller than me! :-D

davey! hi! it's she ;) it's fun to talk to you! glad i make things more perverted...?? *lol* i love your toes, *muah*

jason - yeah! we make a great team when it comes to aa! you rawk man! stay rad!

hi sara, frank, pink, butsa, and awnz. you guys are kinda coolie man. no jk - i luff y'all!

carrie doesn't have aim but she gets a shoutout anywayz because she is so cool.

what's up to the rest of my tb sisters -
laryssa (aka: mrs. furler/mason) - you rawk! you are my hero! :-D
stephie - you don't have aim - so you can't read this! ;)
rev - you are way cool, chica...even if you refuse to ever like john!
hef - everything you say is intelligent! you are my favorite LEVS! dux rawk :)
i love you all! y'all are like real sisters to me.

my gr peeps: y'all totally rawk my party -
candice - you are so cool! you are one of my fave person to talk to! thanks for being there when i really need ya. yay! audio a! rokken ;)
kso - u r my favorite aunt! yay! some # of days til you visit moi!
ali - you are sooo way cool! thanks for sending me stickers! ;) std rawks!
moogs - yay! i can't wait til that same # of days til you visit too! :) it will be oodles of fun!
spike - you are so cool! yay! when you send me my cd i expect it autographed!
star - sorry for not realizing you were married! ;) you are rokken :D you animals are cute!
heather! - i'm so glad your back on the net! luv ya girl! yay! bleach is cool!

mark - your musical taste is radical. rawk on. (i AM coming to your house to steal that rk poster)

torrey - howdy. you are a pretty cool dude, stay rad!

hi to anyone else who isn't important enough to have a personal shoutout! ;)