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...celebrating 37 years of fabulousness...

days 'til Tobias' 37th birthday

days 'til the release of "Momentum"!

Word up Tobias fans! Welcome to "ghetto.fabulous" - formally known as "sugar.coated.toby" which is formally known as "Toby Mac". The site has been re-named and redesigned in honor of Toby Mac's upcoming debut album, which we are all soooo excited about! If you have been here before, not that TOO much as changed, so you prolly still know your way around! Don't forget to sign the guestbook!

Peace out - Sarah

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WHOAA THERE HORSIE! Wait!! Before you sign my guestbook...I am not, I repeat NOT Toby McKeehan. I mean I thought stating that my name was "SARAH" would give it away...I dunno how that looks like "Toby" but some people are confuzzled and sign the guestbook thinking I am Tobias, or know him, but I don't!! I am only a fan, and have met him several times, so now ya know! ;)

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