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Just click on the name of the song to download a sample!

**I made all of the samples on this page - please ask permission before taking them and using them on your own site or whatever.


i did not include samples of the interludes

Get This Party Started
What's Goin' Down
Wonderin' Why
Somebody's Watching
Love is in the House
Extreme Days
In the Air

gotee brothers : erace

i just included samples of songs where you can hear toby really well

Yoknapatawpha (Mental Mississippi)
Celia (Queen of the Senseless World)
Wages of Sin
Brother's Keeper


John Reuben - "God Is Love"
OC Supertones - "This is What it Comes To"
Relient K- "My Girlfriend" (interlude)
Zilch - "Surfer's Psalm"

Sample of "God is Not a Secret" with the Newsboys coming soon! (I forgot to make a sample of this)


here are some other songs that Toby has guested on or whatever, but that I don't have samples of!

Steven Curtis Chapman - "Got To B Tru"
Geoff Moore - "Threads"
Mark Lowry - "Sure Beats Hell"
Michael W. Smith - "I Wanna Tell the World"
Raze - "Forgive Me" (kmax is on this too)
Shedaisy - "Hark the Harold"
Damita - "Truth"


Philmore - "Smile At Me" video (Toby is at the beginning)
Watch the "Get This Party Started" and "Extreme Days" videos at