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The Scrapbook

Just recently the Tobabes put together a scrapbook and some other presents for Tobias for his 37th birthday! He received the wonderfuly wrapped package and he LOVED it all! Here are some pics of it that I took with my digital camera!

Hover over the pictures to see what # it is, then look at the bottom of the page to see what the picture is of. Then click the thumbnails to view a MUCH larger image!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1. This is a picture of everything that was in the package that was sent to Toby. There's the scrapbook in the back donated by Stephie, the BSB crown and Mardi Gras beads from me, the Spongebob viser from Paige, the 6-Million Dollar Man Game from Krista, golf balls from Heathir, and the 'Bench Warmer' shirt (which Toby laughed at) from Stephie as well!
2. On the left is the inside cover of the scrapbook which says "Happy Birthday Toby! From: The Tobabes". The right is my first page with my survey on it.
3. Left: Back of my page with my pictures of my brother and Toby, me and my mom, my car and my cat. Right: Krista's page with a picture of her and her survey!
4. Left: Back of Krista's page with a picture of her dressed as all of dc Talk, her little brother, and a picture of Toby that her OTHER little brother drew! Right: Stephanie's survey!
5. Left: Back of Stephanie's page, cuz she wrote on the front and back of the paper ;) Right: Cypress's lovely page and survey!
6. Left: Rev's page and her survey! Right: The first of like 50 pages from Heathir! There's a beautiful picture of her, and her survey!
7. Left: A letter to Tobias from Heathir. Right: A wonderful Toby collage made by Heathir as well!
8. Left: Ryssa's survey! Right: Another beautiful Toby collage made up of pictures that Ryssa took herself!
9. Left: Paige's survey! Right: Paige's other page (har har)! At the top is this cool thing she made out of like denim and it says 'tobyMac' in sequins, and under that is her fave picture of Antobio!
10. Left: Toby's birthday card from Krista. Right: Toby's birthday card from Heathir.
11. Left: (top) Card I made that's is from ALL the Tobabes (I wrote that it was from everyone! - so even if you didn't participate, you were still included!), (bottom) Birthday card to Tobias from moi. Right: Cards from Ryssa and Paige.
12. The final's my lovely wrapping job.
13. Here's another picture of what it looked like when I was done...I used all the extra stickers to decorate the boring brown paper! The duct tape is a nice touch as well.

*Note to the Tobabes that gave gifts:* If you notice on your pages, there is a little slip of paper somewhere on there that is handwritten and it says what you gave him - so don't worry! He knows!

---Sapah Fu