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. : : . * - funny stuph said by funny people - * . : : .

(to cleo) kjaydc: so if anyone smooches you that's not Matt, it's the same as being attacked?

Suprntural: *takes Sarahs ring and chucks it out the window at a Vietnamese barbershop quartet*

relientCleo: today I meant to say "nothing"
relientCleo: and I said "nthong"
tobys rock star: lol
relientCleo: that's what justin and jc wear!!

relientCleo: man, he was all ready, and you farted on him!

Lady Cregga: HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM!?!?!?!?!
Lady Cregga: :::throws up:::
Lady Cregga: :::hyperventilates:::

TobyMac743: coughsuckcough

relientCleo: she just can't keep her scrunchie on

TobyMac743: you suck tyler snot

relientCleo: I wanna be Mrs. Relient K lol
TobyMac743: you want to be there mom?

TobyMac743: suck!!! sucksucksuck!!!!! suck!!!!!

mooga 78: that'll teach him to take off his pants

tOBYSrOCKsTAR: the naked chef...rar
HeathirTB004: if he's naked how is he going to take something off?
dj kayse: he'll put it on to take it off

relientCleo: I think there should be an age limit on nthongs

mooga 78: i'm wearing a shirt underneath

HeathirTB004: santa is gay?
Deej HMN: I think so... I saw him at a nice restaurant with roger the gay doctor

relientCleo: so what are the midgets fo? I thought they built toys...
mooga 78: i believe they're called elves

tOBYSrOCKsTAR: okay um male clothing
Lady Cregga: tattoo

tOBYSrOCKsTAR: then she freezes his bicep? lol!
mooga 78: in the microwave?

Deej HMN: rev!!! LOL!!!! how big IS your mouth??

relientCleo: kjay once threw timmy's chest

relientCleo: atleast I never choked on anyone's butt!

MJtastic777: if i married him, i'll be like, "i don't understand a word you're saying but i love you!"

tOBYSrOCKsTAR: brian littrell is 5"8 so it can't be THAT bad
dj kayse: he's the best looking backstreet boy
tOBYSrOCKsTAR: boy howdy yes sir!
relientCleo: dude, I was about to say "what about lance?"

lm not punk: oh suckfest

tOBYSrOCKsTAR: "matt? can i hug your hair? it's the only part of you cleo will allow me to touch"