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I am not Toby McKeehan/Toby Mac/tobyMac/Tobias...whatever you know him as! Let me repeat it ONE time for good measure. I AM NOT TOBY MCKEEHAN! I am SARAH, NOT TOBY! I am a fan, not the man. Now! That's great that dc Talk has changed your life, I'm glad you had fun at the concert last night, no I can't get you backstage passes, yes Momentum is a great CD, I'm sure Toby was happy to sign those t-shirts for you...but this is getting waaaaaay 2 annoying! If you have a question or comment for Toby go to NOT HERE. I am in now way affiliated with Toby Mac or dc Talk. I know you may have gotten the address out of the back of his CD or whatever, but that does NOT mean this is HIS official site or that he comes here! I'm not trying to be mean or rude. So please take note of this before signing my guestbook. Thanks kids!

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