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Tobias Kevin Michael McKeehan was born October 22, 1964 in Falls Church, VA. He is one of four children born to Ken and Betty McKeehan. "Toby" supposedly isn't his real name - as in it isn't on his birth certificate. While waiting for his baby brother to be born, Toby's older brother would pat his mother's stomach and ask "When will the baby be born?" and she was say "In October..." So "October" developed into "Tober" and "Tober" developed into "Toby". Well anyways...Toby didn't grow up singing in church, like fellow group members, Kevin and Michael, but he grew up DJing at parties. His music interest and love was rooted in hip hop. Toby attended college at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, where he met his future band mates. Kevin, Michael, and Toby got together, and formed a group. They moved to Nashville, TN and signed a record deal with Forefront Records, and the group dc Talk was formed. Later on in 1989, they released their self-titled debut album. In 1995, dc Talk released their third album, Jesus Freak, which is now double platinum. Toby married his college sweetheart, Jamaican born Amanda Jane, in Kingston in 1993. In 1994 he co-founded Gotee Records, home to such artists as Jennifer Knapp, Relien K, Out of Eden, Sonic Flood, and John Reuben. He has currently been working with other artists and has also co-founded with Bill Gaither, 40 Records. Toby is also the third member of the Christian rap group, the Gotee Brothers. In 1998, Toby's wife, Amanda, gave birth to their first son, Truett Foster on September 8th. In late 2000, in a collaborative effort, dc Talk put together a book called Jesus Freaks, about Christian martyrs. On November 21, 2000 they released their greatest hits album, called dc Talk's Greatest Hits : Intermission. Tait's new CD "Empty" and Kevin Max's solo project "Stereotype Be" are both out in stores now, and they totally rawk; while the long awaited "Momentum" by Toby Mac is due out November, 6 2001. It will have 18 tracks, but 6 of the tracks are interludes! FYI: dc Talk is NOT breaking up! They were supposed to go on a 2 month fall tour this year, but it has been postponed til the beginning of 2002...look forward to that!

10 Questions from CCM Magazine

1. If you could ask God one question right now, what would it be?
Tell me about Creation.

2. What makes you laugh?
Truett, because he laughs and it makes me laugh. His laugh is infectious man!

3. What are you afraid of?

4. What movie has impacted you the most and why?
The Matrix becuase it hit me on so many different levels. Some deep people wrote that.

5. What was your first job, and what did you learn from it?
Cleaning office buildings at night so I could go have fun all day. I learned not to procrastinate. There were many times I'd choose to go out with my friends to Georgetown to hang out, and then I'd have to go work. I think I learned to plan better.

6. If you're ever a grandparent, what do you want your grandchildren to call you?

7. What is your favorite old hymn?
It Is Well With My Soul

8. What are your nicknames?
Turtle! They call me turtle, because I'm kinda slow moving (as you can tell asking these questions!). Also, T-Mac; Tizzoby--it's slang... you just put these izzs in the middle of words; Slowby, because I'm slow.

9. If you were president for a day, what would you do first?
I'd flip the economy and try to equalize where the flow of money goes, try to share some of the love. If I was God, I'd abolish racism.

10. What's the most relied upon spiritual truth in your life?
Oswald Chambers: "Give up your right to yourself."