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Me, Toby, and Carrie

Carrie, John Reuben, and Me

NOTE: This is my EXACT post from the message boards...don't waste your time reading it twice! It's long!

hey chickens! last night i went to the electric youth tour in nashvegas! right before the show i was talking to my wonderful friend paige about how cool it would be if toby was there! well...anywayz...

well my youth director jenny came to get me at 5:30 and we were a bit late to the concert cuz we had to go by walgreens, the bank, and mcdonald's, but we only missed part of the ace set which was okay.

we got there and we had to wait in line...we were kinda near the back. we got in and we found bryan - my choir director that i talk about ya know? and so we stood with him and watched some of the ace set.

now i knew that mooga and kso would be there, but i wanted to go look at the rk merch so i went over there, and there was mooga working the ace booth! (i recognized her from her pics) i was like "hey i'm sarah!" and she was like "hey!" and kso goes "sawwwwah!" *lol* and she came and gave me a hug, and then i talked to them for a few and they gave me swedish fish and then i went back over and told jenny and bryan.

then when ace was done, me and jenny tried to move toward the front for jr. but everyone who had a fat head and who was tall was in front of me, but it's all good cuz he was still awesome! and then rk was after then...they were soooo awesome! i brought skittles - but i didnt throw them - i ate them during the song instead! i was just so excited! they were too good! and theissen was just cute as ever!

then after that i went and talked to kso and mooga some more and kso showed me how her phone said loser and stuff. and then i went over back where jenny was and my friend katie and carrie had gotten there but they had missed the WHOLE rk set so carrie came back over and i introduced her to kso and stuff and she was telling everyone that i was her niece. and then me and carrie took like 30 minutes picking out rk shirts.

then mooga gave me a tobias button and a jr sticker and then jenny came over to get me because jr was at his table and i had wanted him to sign the picture of me and him. so he did and me and carrie got our picture with him.

then me and carrie went up front for FIF for a while and danced retardedly, then we went back to the ace booth and kso gave us these cool things that you put on your tongue and they make your breath smell good...well praise the lord she did...cuz ya know why?!

i walked back over to where jenny and katie were and bryan had left and were like kinda next to the door and in walks in toby! i go "omg jenny! it's toby!" and so she tells me and carrie to go talk to him

i see kso walking back to her booth and at the same time we both go "there's toby"

so we walk over there, and he's talking to someone else and we wait a second then he turns around and i go "hi i'm sarah and this is carrie, you probably don't remember me...i'm a big fan" and he goes "don't you live here?" and i go "yeah me and carrie both live in franklin" "oh yeah! i've met you before...where was it?" and i was like "one time me and my dad were walking around in the factory and you were there." he was like "oh yeah, but there was another time...wasn't is like the movie theatre or something?" and i was like "no i met you at the pax special." and he goes "oh yeah! i saw some pictures that your brother took..." and i started to say "where on my website?" and he goes "on ardent-enthusiast....wait what's your website?" and i go "" and he goes "oh yeah! that's yours? i knew it was someone who lived in franklin!" and i was like "yeah!" and he goes "that isn't is it?" and i go "no it's different...mine's better" and he's like "oh your's is better, huh? the said they were gonna blow your site out of the water." he laughed there then he said "it's the one with the black background where you click on the thing and all the links come down right?" omg i totally freaked cuz he like described my webpage like it used to be! lol! i was like "yes! but now the links are over at the side..." and then he told me "i was gonna link your site to mine, but i can never remember the link. didn't it used to be called something else?" and i was like "yeah sugared toby" hehe and he laughed. then i told him "if you search like yahoo or google for your name...toby mac duh...then it will come up as one of the first or second ones" and he was like "oh cool!" and then i told him that my mom worked at emi and that she had seen him a few days earlier and he was like "oh yeah!" and then i told him "i have the pre-release cuz my mom works at emi and everything" and he was like "oh yeah? how many tracks do you have?" and i said "7, it's really good...i'm soooo looking fwd to it" and he goes "oh well you have the special version because on that kurt franklin doesn't sing on j*train" and then i told him that i noticed on the version at forefront it sounded different. then he was like "well the final version has 18 tracks and then 6 of the tracks are like interludes, ya know?" and i was like "yeah yeah! do you know bryan ****?" and he's like "oh yeah!" and i go "he's our choir director...he told me that." "oh yeah?" and then he told me about one of the tracks that's not on the pre-release. he was like "yeah there's this one called 'tru-dog' and it's got truett beatboxing on it!" and i was like "aww that's so cute!"

(**somewhere in there carrie goes "it's her birthday!" and he's like "oh! happy birthday!")

then i told him how much i was looking fwd to his album like 500 x. and then katie comes over and she's wearing this brooklyn shirt like his ny one and toby nudges me and is like "her shirt is like my ny one!" and i explained it to katie...she thought it was too funny.

then i got my picture with him and carrie is in the front being a goob! i can't wait to get it developed! it will be hilarious!

then i told him thanks so much for talking to me, etc and shook his hand again! then i skipped back over to jenny and told her like everything! then i ran over back to the ace booth and told mooga and kso!

i was talking with mooga and i saw my friend mark from school, and i was like "mark mark!" and i was yelling his name and then clapping and stuff and he didn't see me and then mooga like clapped in his face and he was like "oh hey!" it was funny...i see him at like everything i go to because we like all the same things.

he really liked rk and fif. but yeah...then as it was over, we were gonna wait til rk came out cuz i wanted them to sign my cd and get my pic with them, but then this dude was making everyone leave.

i didn't see matt or matt ANYWHERE and kso was like "ask brian where they are" so i was like "brian, brian" and he didn't hear me and she was like "louder!" and she started throwing swedish fish at him and he didn't notice and would like kick them away! lol cuz he was talking to someone else. but then this guy was like "do you wanna talk to brian?" and i was like "yes!!" and i go, "hey i'm sarah." and i shook his hand cuz i'm nice and he was like "hey!" then i was like "i haven't seen matt or matt anywhere and i just wanted to say hi" and he said "they wen't out to eat dinner with their new manager" and i was like "oh okay" and he was like "so did you have fun?" and i was like "totally!" and he was like "well that's awesome...i gotta take this stuff outside now" he was talking about the merch. and i was like "okay, cya later!"

then i told kso and mooga bye and gave them hugs and blah. and then i was like where is toby? cuz i had just thought about that i should tell him happy bday!

as we were walking out i saw him and i walked over and i said "toby, i just wanted to tell you that i'm leaving and i hope you have a happy birthday on monday!" and he was like "thanks so much! bye!" and he squeezed my arm and it hurt! lol!

once again...dctalk abuses again! no i'm jk...but it was totally awesome! and i'm glad i could go!