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On the night of Nov. 16, I e-mailed Kevin and asked him where they were filming the PAX special because I live in TN, and the radio station wouldn't tell me. He e-mailed me back and told me where it was and told me he would put me on the off screen list, so I got to go!!

Since I was actually there, I will give you some of the behind the scenes stuff...

It started at midnight on Friday. We got there around 10:30, and we sat up in the audience, not on the floor. That was for contest winners. Michael was the first one I saw...I was downstairs and he walked into the dressing room. I saw Kevin next...he had on those red sunglasses and was talking to some guy about them. I was like "Where's Toby?!" And then I saw him and was like "AHH! HE HAS A FRO!! HE WANTS TO BE JUSTIN!!" LOL but he looked rad. :) I got to see them rehearse the cue-cards...that was sooooo funny!! Ya know Kevin had the Brad Pitt picture?? THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY!! Toby put it on before the show and was like "I'm Brad about you!!" LOL The funniest part before the show had to be when they were practicing when a caller would call in and they didn't have a real caller so Mike was like in a real high voice, "'s the black guy get his hair like that?!" It was sooooo funny!! Like in between shots, they would walk around, and Toby waved at me!! AHHHHH!! And Mike smiled at me!! :) Toby was like, "Where is the cue card?!" Amanda was there, Truett and Alayna weren't tho. OMG!! It was sooo funny!! When they were showing some of the video footage, Kevin got up and he knocked the lamp off the table, and the bulb didn't work!! So in one shot, it is on, and in the other it isn't!! It was soooo funny!! Everyone was cracking up!! And when he first put on his boa, we were dying!! Then when he was wearing those big round glasses, and he was trying to say something serious, and everyone was laughing at him!! And before the show Kevin was like, "Ahh!! Make-up!! I'm sweating!!"

IT WAS THE BEST!! But the better part is next... After the show was over, we went downstairs to the stage entrance and this lady was standing there, and told some guy..."Don't let anyone go in there unless they won a contest!" And then ALL these people went in!! LOL So we followed them, and my brother was like, "Um..yeah you need to thank Kevin, so lets go!!" And we got in and the first person I went to of course was TO-OBY!! I got my picture taken with him!! Hehe, and he autographed my Jesus Freak CD!! Then we went over to Kevin, and he autographed my CD and we waited for a long time for him to get my pic with him!! While I was waiting, Toby and Kevin's glasses were on the table...ya know the rad ones Toby had on, and Kevin's red ones?! I reached over and touched them!! LOL I just had to!! Toby looked so cute in them!! Then I got my pic with Kevin, and he was like, "I gotta take it again!!" So I got two with him!! :) I told him I was the one who e-mailed him about all of this and he was like "Oh that was you!? COOL!" HEHE. I had a sharpy, but Kevvy stole it!! LOL Then we went over to Mike, and he had a pen and signed the front of my cd cover, but it didn't show up so he signed the inside too, so I kinda have it twice!! While I was talking to Mike, Kevvy walked by and squeezed my arm!! AHHH!! THen my brother wanted his pic with them, he had only gotten Kevin's autograph because he is his favorite. So I took pics of my bro with Toby and Kevin, but Mike's phone rang, and he walked out of the room. :(

Here are my pics from the PAX special...enjoy!!

My brother and Kevin

Me and Kevin (this is the picture where he blinked...the other one didn't turn out because my brother 4got the flash!!)

Me and Mike

My brother and Toby

Me and Toby :)