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The second time I met Toby, my dad and I had gone in the Factory to look around, because the only other time I had been there was for Kevin's concert. Well, we went inside and didn't see very much, so we came back outside. There was this HUGE rocking chair that was a little ways away from the main entrance to the Factory. I was sitting in the chair, and I looked toward the main entrance, and I saw this guy walking in, talking on a cell phone.

"Daddy! I think that is Toby from dc Talk!!"

"No, you are just seeing things."

"Can we follow him back in just to see if it is really him??"

So we went back inside, and sure enough, it was Toby. He was talking to these two men inside. We circled around the general area they were talking in about two times. Then we were getting ready to leave, and Toby had finished talking to the men, and I ended up walking RIGHT next to Toby, and my dad says real loud:

"I know you are too afraid to talk to him..."

And then Toby looks at me, and I said:

"I'm your biggest fan!!!"

"I'm Toby."

"I know..." (he he)

"I'm lookin' for my wife. She is somewhere around here."


"So, do you live around here??"

"Yeah." (and I told him where I live)

"Yeah, I know where that is."


"Are you off of school today??"

"No, I'm on spring break."

"That's cool, so you're hangin' out with your dad??"

My dad: "Yeah, we've been out sailing."

"It's a really nice day to be doing that."

Me: "Uh huh."

"See that man over there, with the green shirt??"


"He built this place, I was just talking to him."

My dad: "Oh, is that Calvin?? I haven't seen him in a long time."

Toby: "Oh, do you know him??"

My dad: "Yes."

"Are you in the real estate business??"

"No, I buy and sell these..." (he was wearing a Rolex shirt, and he jumped around and showed Toby the back!)

"Ah, those are nice. They work good." (LOL)


Toby: "Well, I better go find my wife. It was very nice meeting you!"

Me: "You too!! Bye!!"

Toby was wearing a black sleeveless shirt (the one he wears ALL the time!) and army type pants that were rolled under to make them shorter. His hair was very poofy, and he was wearing black basketball shoes, and he had his sunglasses hanging on the collar of his shirt, and he had a silver flippy-doo cell phone.