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You can go here and look at pictures of all my Toby and dc Talk autographs!

First let me point this out:

The first two times I met Toby, I was at this mall type place, called the Factory!! And those were the only two times that I have ever been there!! Strange huh??

Okie dokie! Here's what ya do! Clickie on the links to read about my different experiences! When you're done with that, read about my family's different experiences at the bottom!

the.minor.experiences [these are some of the shorter experiences]

march.23.2000 [the factory experience #2]

november.18.2000 [the pax special experience]

october.18.2001 [the electric youth experience]


Okay this is a new lil' section about my mom, dad, and brother's Toby/dc Talk experiences! ;) They prolly won't be as elaborate as mine!


October 15, 1999
My mommy was there when I met Toby and Kevin at Kmax's solo show! She did a lot of the talking!

September 18, 2001
Okay, my mom works with EMI Christian Music Group. She was sitting in her office which overlooks the parking lot, and she sees YOU KNOW WHO...Tobias pull up in his car! So she goes out to the lobby and starts talking with the receptionist waiting for him to come in! (*now I know where I get it from!) And Toby walks in and he tells the receptionist that he is here to see some dude...I 4got his name! *lol* And my mom walks over and shakes his hand and says "Hello, my name is Susan *****." Then he says "Good morning!" The guy doesn't come down to see Toby for a while and my mom was getting ready to say "Well, I can just take you to him!" But he came down the elevator at that VERY moment! Arg! She said his hair was red with frosted ends and that he was wearing these "cute lil' sunglasses! Cool, eh?


March 23, 2000
As you know, my daddio was there! I probably wouldn't have talked to Tobias at ALL if my daddy wasn't there! Thanks Dad!


He has had almost as many Toby experiences as moi!

June 3, 2000
Yep my brother took me to the Billy Graham Crusade to see my boys! :)

August 23, 2000
Okay my brother goes to this like Baptist college here in Nashvegas, and the Normals had just played a concert at his school and it was the night of the last episode of the first Survivor and a whole bunch of people were in the student lounge watching it, and Tobias was there! My brother didn't talk to him (loser!) but he was there, watching Survivor with my brother and his friends!

November 18, 2000
My bro Patten also went with me to the PAX Special, as you can see from the pics above! He had an awesome time as well!

February 3, 2001
Yes once again, my brother was there at Chuck E. Cheese when we saw the Tobemeister! He's the one with the car!

February 23, 2001
This was ON my brother's b-day when we went to the Newsboys/Audio A. concert! He was the one who just KNEW Tobias would be there!