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You may or may not be wondering, "Who is this mysterious girl who makes this AWESOME Toby Mac site?" ;) you are about to find out!

My name is Sarah, I'm 16 years old. I live right outside of Nashvegas, (aka: Nashville) Tennessee! I have one brother who is 20 years old, and I live with him and my mommy! My dad doesn't live too far away! ;) I have two dogs, Sadie and Lady...they are my babies! ;) I also have one extremely large cat...Samantha (aka: Sammi). I'm in 10th grade in school! I've been playing the piano since I was in like 1st or 2nd grade, and I have been playing softball since the 1st grade! I'm in the church youth choir, and we go on a tour every summer! Cool eh? I have been a dc Talk fan since about 6th grade! My friend Claire introduced me to them when we would carpool to school together! Hmm what else is totally interesting that you should know...Oh other than dc Talk I love all different kinds of music! Some of my other favorite bands are: Audio A, BSB, Bon Jovi, *NStinky, U2, Saves the Day, The Juliana Theory, Rancid, Radiohead, Good Charlotte, Krystal, Operation Ivy, Relient K, Cake, and most bad 80's music! At this very moment my favorite album is Relient K's "Anatomy of Tongue In Cheek", and my favorite song at the moment is "I'm Alive" by Audio A!

Here are some pictures of people!

First: Hover over the picture to see who it's of, then click the thumbnails to see the big version!

Bubby and Lady Mommy! Sammi Jean, Jenny, & Alicia Me and Rachel Me and a picture of B-Rok Sadie Me and Al Megan Carrie Candice and Ashley My aunt KSO Mooga and Toby KSO's new hair cut! Ashley, Candice, and Toby! Ingrid and Carrie

Here's a link to my online diary where you can read about my boring life.

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask! You can e-mail me, or you can IM me on AOL! My SN's are tobys rock star and notashmd3!