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(she's the one on the far right!)

Name: *mystery*
Nicknames: Rev, Revelation, Mango, LC, Lady Cregga, (some other undesirable nicknames... mainly "Buttercup")
Age: old enough. for those of you who know... lucky lucky.
Location: Northern VA, baby.
Toby fan since: summer 2001. August 17. Happy birthday Kevin.
How did you hear about ghetto.fabulous?: search engine.
Hobbies: internet! yay! okay... um... reading, hanging out with friends, writing
What other bands do you like besides dcT?: Switchfoot! Woo! Relient K, too...
Why do you like Toby?: I love all Northern Virginians. HA!! *cough* Okay, I like the songs he writes, I like the music he performs, and I love the way he speaks so openly about God.
Favorite dc Talk website: Sarah's. Haha. Ardent-enthusiast.
Have you ever met Toby/dc Talk before?: Toby - yes. dc Talk - so close... SO close... backstage passes & the patriot center, eh...
Have you ever seen dc Talk in concert b4? If so, how many times?: Twice. Go me.
Favorite picture of Toby:

*same as the picture of herself*

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Toby fan since:

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What other bands do you like besides dcT?

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