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. : : . * - about me - * . : : .

word. i'm sarah (aka: sapah fu).
i like dc talk, switchfoot, dashboard confessional, further seems forever, the juliana theory, operation ivy, relient k, audio a, bsb, saves the day, philmore, britney, bon jovi, u2, rancid, radiohead, good charlotte and lots of other stuff. - emo rawks my works.
i have a cat and 2 dogs...they are radical. i like church - God is cool - he's my super hero.
oh! I love food tv! yeah it rawks my works! jamie oliver is some hot stuff out there...ima have my own show on that network someday! watch out for sarah ferrari! ;)
brad pitt - wow. i'm his biggest fan. any movie he's in - i've seen it! =D mel gibson is cool too. he is my favorite actor who is old enough to be my dad.