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You are listening to "Hail Minnesota", the state song. It was written in 1905 and adopted in 1945.

Admitted to the Union May 11, 1858 as the 32nd state, Minnesota has several nicknames including the Gopher State, Wheat State, Bread and Butter State, North Star State, and probably the most well known, Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. It was this abundance of lakes that caused the Dakotas to name the region Minnesota (sky-tinted waters)

Other than Alaska, Minnesota is the northernmost state in the United States. The latitude lines follow the curvature of the earth. Minnesota has a small section of land which crosses this line.

The state flag of Minnesota is royal blue with a gold fringe. In the center of the flag is the state seal. Around the state seal is a wreath of the state flower, the lady slipper. Three dates are woven into the wreath: 1858, the year Minnesota became a state; 1819, the year Fort Snelling was established; and 1893, the year the official flag was adopted. Nineteen stars ring the wreath. The largest star represents Minnesota

State Flower ~ Lady Slipper

State Tree ~ Norway Pine (Red Pine)

The capital of Minnesota is St. Paul - a big city with small town charm. Quaint neighborhoods, art, museums, and many historical landmarks make St. Paul a cultural hot spot.

Now I picked the Chevy up in North Carolina where it was resting, so we have a long drive to get to Minnesota. Might as well buckle up and get started. Click on the license plate below and off we go to the Great River Road byway.

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