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Vertical Horizon Pictures

These are Vertical Horizon pictures that various friends and I have gathered. To see my page of links to interviews and a few interviews on it itself, Click Here

I'm just going to put this here cause I think it's the coolest thing in the world. It's a 45 minute concert in Los Angeles that totally kicks ass.

Click here: Listening Room listen to a full VH CONCERT ONLINE

Sean is trying to get the crowd going and Matt is yelling at Sean to shut up so he can finish his song.

Sean and Keith are jamming together and Matt is singing(which he does best).

Sean and Keith still jamming together. You can tell their having a great time on stage together.

Sean checking the equipment and Matt is tuning the guitar real fast for the next song.

Matt is now trying to get the crowd going by getting them to clap.

This is Keith at 110 degrees. He's making eye contact with the rest of the band for the final chord.

This is Matt trying to make sure he knows the notes even though we all know he knows them forwards and backwards.

This is Matt cringing as he hits a wrong note. Lol j/k

This is my favorite pic and I think this is what Vertical Horizon is all about. It's Sean engulfed in the music and at a complete mellow high.

This is also an awesome picture. It's Sean and Matt jamming out like crazy.

This is VH at Stubb's bbq in good ole Austin,Texas

This is the whole group during a chatting session.

This is Jen and Matt looking pretty together. :)

This is our wonderful Jen and Sean this time. Uh oh Sarah.. looks like you have some competion..

This is Jen's bud Sarah and Sean after a great show. Awww aren't they cute!

This is good old Sarah and Matt this time.

I'd like to give a /big/ thanks to Jen and Sarah, who are without a doubt huge Vertical Horizon fans. If they came to Austin, I would go alot more often, but sadly they tend not to. But let's keep our hopes up! Once again, thanks you two!

The following pics are from a guy named Jeff, and I really like them alot. I love the black and white usage to make them look really vintage and neato. :)

This is Matt and Sean battling it out and sounding great,

This is Jeff(far right) with Matt and Sean.

Matt singing and having fun.

Now it's Keith's turn to jam with Matt.

I would also like to give out an extra big thanks to Jeff for his pics and help. He gave me a reason to drag my lazy butt back here and do some renovations! :)

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