Sexy Kel and her Peachtacular World
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Sexy Kel and her Peachtacular World

Name: Queen and Head Mistress Kelly
Also Known As: Kelly Jelly, Doodlebug, Smelly Kelly
Occupation: School junkie from Channelview
Significant other: I am completely single although I do like a couple of people. ;)
B-day and Sign: October 30 (almost a Halloween baby)... I am the stereotypic Scorpio.
Favorite Colors: Black, Vampire Red, Cerulean, Pink!!!
Random Letters and Numbers: Kjeubfdusgfbfdsugfdygbfsjhdgfyratg1327213gbfwyutvr784y5gbrc7489274cirkhfdjhrrh8ew65

Things I Do: Play on the Internet, Go to the Movies, Collect T-shirts from the 80's (especially cartoon ones), Shop at Hot Topic, Eat junk food, Do lots of other things that I can't talk about (hehehe)

Fav Bands: Goo Goo Dolls, blink182, eve6, Backstreet Boys, Creed, Dave Matthews band, Alanis Morrisette, Bush, tons of others I can never think of when I need to.

My Ffffrrrriiiieeeennnnddddssss: DOUG!!!!, Andrea <3, Chris F., Melissa (Peachy Queen), Abbey (You're the best!!), Skye, Chuck, Chris Y., John, Chris L., Jeff, Waylon, Tim A., all my buddies on Teen Matchmaker and the others I met in DC... DC FOREVER!!!!

Here are some pics of me!! There will be more soon cause I just got new ones!!! Enjoy!!

This is my buddy Heath's site. Go to it. It's cool!!